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Apes Perform Deconstructive Dental Work: Empire of the Dead Battle Report

Life conspired against me from updating this much recently, but I'll be rectifying that, starting with catching up on Friday the 15th's Empire of the Dead game.

Lord Greystoke was convinced that the western hills near Wales contained plants which might aid his transformations research, traveling under cover of darkness with his apes and trusted companion ape Alphie, as well as members of his household staff, he relocated for a bit of a holiday and some specimen collecting. Though it was day, and not terribly foggy (rare and unseasonable) Greystoke and his entourage were accosted by what at first appeared to be common highwaymen, but they soon caught the scent that revealed the presence of the undead: a Daywalker Vampire and his mate.

The vampire was actually on business of his own, and was just traveling through the area,but on crossing paths with the apes, it riled them to an agitation that they would not be reasoned with.
Lord Greystoke and his followers
(I'll get some better glamour shots of them soon)

We set up the table for an outdoor setting with a river, hills and ruins and a graveyard.  
The mission said that the vampires had to get at least 2/3 of their party off the table on my deployment side, while I had to stop them.  The vampires had a lower Warband Standing, so would get an additional 5 shillings from the encounter. from memory, the Vampire leader had the day walking skill and a boost to his combat skill (or one of them) One member was out sick for the day, and he had a good shot with a repeater rifle. My group were as they last were at the end of my last Battle Report.  

A view from the hill overlooking the river. Peaceful... for now. 

Then Alphie directs the apes up the hill to ambush the undead and their ilk. 
Milly the maid covers them, no slouch with a tranquilizer gun (bow). 
At the other end of the small valley Lord Greystoke enters the ruins,a trusted ape tagging along, as well as Police Sergeant York, acting as bodyguard, and faithful household staff Butler Woodhouse and Margaret the Maid, or Mags as she prefers to be called when off duty, which is seldom. 

The Vile Vampyr sensed the danger and one of his enthralled called upon unnatural forces to summon a mob of the undead.  To be more precise, they were not undead, it turns out they were just simple commonfolk.
What they were doing in the graveyard, and what this says about the deplorable conditions of simple folk in Wales, to allow for them to be mistaken for walking dead, is anybody's guess.  
Woodhouse and Margaret spot the Vampire's sharpshooter.  These gypsy types really should refrain from wearing bright colors, as everyone knows there are no bright colors in the whole of Britain!
Quite easy to spot he was. 
The Apes,Cecil and Dudley, prepare to pounce on the enthralled.
Alphie tangles with the Vampire's personal guard while Cecil chases the Vampire, trying to make a run for it.

Unable to see what awaited him, the Vampire graf did not know that Lord Greystoke had already bounded down from the ruins and sprinted across the river, with preternatural speed.  
Woodhouse and Margaret had tried in vain to stop a swarm of bats from escaping, but it was small loss.

His escape cut off by Lord Greystoke, the Vampire turned to face his attackers.
Cecil contemplates the use of a bronze gauntlet in dental work. 
Even cornered vampires are fierce fighters with unnatural resistance. 
Molly began taking shots into the crowd while Dudley charged them after dispatching the fang flunky.
Sustaining minimal damage, the Apes and their Lord pulverize the Vampire, tearing his head from his shoulders.  The vampire turned to a pile of ash.  Sensing the spell broken, the mob scatter and the field remains in the hands of the apes. Srgt York collected the unconscious body of the vampire bodyguard and turned him in to the local authorities under suspicion of unsavory activities.  

In post-game, the vampire's body guard got the 'captured by the peelers' result, which he'd have to play to free him -which we did, and he was easily freed. The worst result was for the vampire leader: Dead.  Dead-dead,not mostly dead, but dead and gone unraisable dead.  Luckily in Empire of the Dead, you can sacrifice another member of the team instead.  Obviously what happened was the Vampire's ashes were collected, placed in a coffin and the sacrificial faction member was brought in, asked quickly 'what's that over there?' and when he turns to look, his throat is cut, blood fills the coffin and in a few days a fresh pasty vampire emerges reconstituted.  

My faction made some decent coin from this victory and I focused it on my two characters. 
Alphie went up in strength, which is nice, and Greystoke gained an extra attack. 
I also brought in my second police officer mini, another 'wolfskin' flunky, and equipped both of the police minis with bows clubs and knives. I had enough money to bring in a second secondary character ('beastlord) but since I didn't have a miniature ready, that will wait until the next time I have the money.  It seems wise to invest in the characters you hope to advance and keep at this stage though, so it is alright. 
With 10members, it is already a large team. 

Thanks for reading, 

Until next time! 

I think the vampire coming back was something like this...enjoy!


Michael Awdry said...

Wonderful, the more I see of these game, particularly when it features the wonderful Lord Greystoke, the more I want to dive in!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Good to see the Monkey boys going from strength to strength!

Fitch Face said...

I can't get over how good this game looks. I can't find anyone in my area who plays it!
As always, great fluff to go with the match. Do you happen to know what minis your opponent used?

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Michael :) I'd love to see what you'd come up with for a faction for yourself in this game :)

Thanks Paul! I'm happy they've not suffered any catastrophes so far.Only a matter of time, but so far so good!

Fitch: It's a lot of fun,maybe worth trying to see if you can convince some people to give it a try.
From what I remember off hand, the Vampire is from West Wind, from the weird WWII line, the consort (not shown) is from west wind's empire ofthe dead, the rest are either lead adventure minis, or converted from Artisan,but there might be some others in there. and the zombies are Mantic.
His thread on LAF on his team is here:

Mr. Lee said...

Very nice bat rep here LF.. and surprising that you got them painted up so quickly as well!

Hopefully the apes get to take down the renewed Vampyre as well soon enough ;) Show him who is who and why he should stay down next time :)

Brummie said...

Wonderful report this game is luring me at the moment.

Bill said...

Love that movie trailer, Cheese with Teeth! That was hilarious. Love the apes.

Der Feldmarschall said...

Great looking minis and report. Too many projects to jump into this game right now, but maybe a window will conveniently open up this fall. In the meantime I'll have to live vicariously through your games. :)


Laughing Ferret said...

Thank you everyone! :)

Mr.Lee: These were pretty fast to paint. I went for simple speed painting, just to get them done. The gorillas don't have much detail, it's all just wet blend right on the minis, very fast to do, and the house staff black & white is just as quick.

Brummie: it's a fun game, I do recommend it

Bill: that blood & coffin scene is awesome.I saw this movie on TV when I was a kid, guess it stuck with me bc the night of the game this is exactly what came to mind.

Jason: Thanks! happy to provide the vicarious vehicle for that :) Glad you enjoyed it

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