Thursday, June 28, 2012

Greystoke's Gallery of Apes & Associates

As promised here are some gallery shots of James Clayton, Lord of Greystoke, and those who assist his efforts in London, 1888.

This is my warband for Empire of the Dead, the Victorian Horror skirmish game from West Wind.
I've taken the Lycaon werewolf list and imposed my Ape-will upon it.

James Clayton, Lord Greystoke

Alphie the Ape

Bernard, Cecil & Dudley
Wolves (apes)

Milly, Woodhouse, Margaret
Wolfskins (Staff with tranq-guns (bows))

Officer Parker and Sergeant York
Wolfskins (Police-in-pocket with bows & clubs)

The next addition will be another packmaster character- I picked up a cheap 'clicky' ape for a dollar, so don't expect much, but the price couldn't be beat- I'll see if I can get something decent out of it :)


styx said...

Great looking figures! Where did that first one come from?

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Styx!

The first one is from Malifaux, by Wyrd Miniatures- it's the Seamus Avatar miniature

Michael Awdry said...

Such a treat to see these up close and personal as it were; just brilliant! I love them all.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Gorgeous figs mate - love the theme of this force and the adaptation you've done from the Werewolf faction. No wonder you are enjoying playing with them so much!

But surely the next figure addition will be Jane? :-0

Bill said...

Fantastic, You're really getting some mileage out of those Dust tactica apes, Well done.

Mr. Lee said...

Just fantastic painting mate, as usual. The execution here is perfect, and can clearly show what is what..

Looking forward to the future bat reps, and the additions you mate to it.

Where did you get the house staff models from though?

Laughing Ferret said...

Paul: Thanks :)
I'm not sure, but I think Jane was probably a bit younger than John Jr. (Tarzan) -I forget if it was ever said how old she was, but if they are the same age, then she'd be a newborn baby right now, but likely won't be born for a couple years. But that makes me wonder about her mother now... They were Americans, but doesn't mean they couldn't have visited England, and what if Jane's Mother met her future daughter's future husband's Uncle... James Clayton... hmm...

Bill: Yeah, they're Great Apes! (bu-dump. I'll get my hat)

Mr. Lee: The Household Staff are from Ironclad Miniatures, in the UK, so easy access for you now.


Brummie said...

Awesome, I've been lured into EotD myself love them all background and all

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