Saturday, June 2, 2012

Respect the Cocklegriff

Anyone can get a griffon.  They are everywhere.  Some even come with two heads and chests the size of a house, pumped up with growth hormones. Anyone can get a griffon.  But how many will get a Cocklegriff?

Like a mountain lion crossed with a proud giant rooster, the unquestioned king of the untamed farmlands.

Frank T.J. Mackey says "Respect the cock." 

Frank T.J. Mackey says "You must have this cock."

It isn't just about the size, though it certainly is a large monster, it's also a really nice sculpt. 

For about the same cost as a snooty elf griffon (without a head that looks like a hatchet) and cheaper than a steroid pumped germanic empire griffon, with a lot more character, this seems like a no-brainer if you're in the market for a crossbred feline fowl. Support a talented independent artist who's making characterful miniatures? People often say we need more of that, and here it is.  
(Wing removed, so you can see the detail of the body)
That's a proud bird! Cocklegriff!

"But wait! There's more!" -no, not a fork to go with steak knives, something cooler. If the number of pre-orders gets to 30 by June 7th (just 14 to go at the time of writing this) anyone who pre-orders the Cocklegriff will get another miniature *free*: a halfling lord to ride it.  I can't say for sure, but I suspect Alex might sculpt a rider eventually, but it would cost more to get the rider, I am sure of that.  But if you pre-order it you will get the Cocklegriff as you would and get the rider for free. I know it's nice to see a mini before purchasing it, but 1. It's free, you aren't purchasing the halfling, and 2. he sculpts great halflings, go check out the site and see for yourself.  

Here is a concept sketch for the halfling lord rider:
Like a little Baron Munchausen!

Frank T.J. Makey says "I see you get a short guy to ride the cock? I like it. Sold."


Paul of the Man Cave said...


Michael Awdry said...

Right out there!

Sam's Blog said...

nice Griffon !
He must have a "great" rider, for sure!

Mr. Lee said...

Wow he actually finished it.. I remember seeing this on his blog.. might be something to pick up..

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