Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Get Five Free Base Stars!

Five Free Base Stars?
I always wanted a Vyper, but I wouldn't turn down a Base Star.. then again, might be bad if they turn on you

Wait.. that just doesn't sound right..


Not Five Free Base Stars.  Free Five Star Bases!  -That makes more sense.
Damn my dyslexia.

Frontline Gamer's sleigh isn't light enough to not crash yet, so more stuff is being given away.
You can put your name into the hat for the bases here: Give Me Free Bases!

So what's the scoop on the bases?

$100 worth of store credit at Dragon Forge Design.
(check out their store for yourself)

So I wasn't kidding about a Five Star rating ...yes out of 5 cheeky gits..I mean, 5 out of 5 stars, not 5 cheeky gits, asking out of how many stars was why I called you a cheeky git, and now you ask if I meant out of 5 cheeky gits? Yet more evidence of why you're a cheeky git.  So anyway...

These are excellent bases. I've used them for a few projects.  The Assyrian-themed Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team used these bases (can find them in the Hall of Fame page tab at the top).  There are a lot of good resin bases for sale out there, and a lot that are not so good, but in my estimation, Dragon Forge makes the best.  Good detail without being so full of detail the mini is hard to place or gets lost, and sculpting & casting are both the best I've used. When I have a need for resin bases I check this source first before any other to see if there is something that will fit the style I'm looking for. 

And to get $100 of anything in the store for free? You'd be mad not to put in for it.

O.K., maybe not quite as cool as getting a Base Star, but still pretty cool. 


Paul of the Man Cave said...

I wouldn't mind the Base Stars either (filled with Caprica 6s of course!) but I'll take the bases if I can :-)

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