Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Orc Sailor Blood Bowl Charity Team: WIP Converted

On July 14th, 2012 there is a Blood Bowl Tournament in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
The 'ACCC': Atlantic Coast Charity Cup, with all proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project,
a non-profit charity.  - That was a link there, so go check it out!

I was contacted by the organizer and agreed to donate my time to paint up a complete team for a prize for their tournament, to help raise money for the charity. For theme he was thinking something military, given the nature of the charity, and since they are just a few miles from the ocean and a Naval base, we were thinking Navy would be ideal.  That left the team, I was thinking Orcs would be fun to convert, should work, and as a prize, who wouldn't be happy with Orcs?

So it was settled: Orc Sailors!  I thought a classic World War II style would be best, with the iconic hat and knotted kerchief and square back flap (I'm sure there is a name for those), and bellbottoms of course!

I even decided I'd make a set of tokens for the team, and will be sending them off in one of the Team Carry Cases I make available to clients who commission Blood Bowl Teams.

The team is all converted now and work has started on them.

Here are the conversions before priming:

Have to have a Troll and a couple Goblins! A river troll seemed best for a sailor troll.

The back of the Goblins.

Blitzers! Two in head-long blitz and two in 'steady while I clock you'. 

Black Orcs! Ready for some brawling! 

Line Orcs. Swabbies? Or did that term go out of fashion when ships became metal? 

Thrower & Tokens. Anchors are a bit hard to see against the background.

My Grandpa was in the Navy, in the Pacific during WWII. 
Unfortunately he died in late 2010, he might have got a kick out of these. 

I can't go to the tournament- too far of a commute for me, but if you are near Virginia, or have the itch to do some traveling, look into going to the tournament, you could win one of the cool prizes, maybe even this team!  I'll update the team when they are finished.  


Lead Legion said...

Great idea, lovely theme and a good cause. Good on you Ferret.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

A truly wonderful cause, good on you for your donation of time and effort, which is often more valuable than money.

And as a Navy guy of 20+ years service, all I can say is BLOODY BRILLIANT! :-)

Clint said...

To be honest never liked Bloodbowl, however these figures are great and it makes me want to give it yet another go.

Sam's Blog said...

Great idea for a good cause!
My old friend "Gollum" could be very nice too as a sailor!

Michael Awdry said...

How wonderful and what is not to like? Great work and a great cause; well done that man!

Mr. Lee said...

Nice.. can't wait to see how you paint these boys up, and how they look at the tournament. Hopefully they will also send you photos of the person who wins them!

styx said...

Do Sailor Moon Orcs next that would be a scream with orcs in mini skirts!

Amazing stuff here!

Axtklinge said...

Lovely stuff, as usual.

moute said...

vivement qu'ils soient en peinture.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all! I had a lot of fun converting these sailors. painting will be less fun with all that white, but some fun details planned like tattoos :)

Styx: wow that is so wrong! love it. hmm.. the savage orc kit has a lot of bare legs, could add some knee high socks & skirts..yeah could work ;)

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