Friday, August 3, 2012

Dwarf Tigers Invade the Pitch!

The most dreaded kick off result! A pride of Dwarf Tigers burst out onto the pitch, mauling all as they sweep through, limbs flying freely through the air, trailing splendid spirals of blood to rain down to the turf.

To make matters worse, the Tigers are there to play, they are your opposing team!

This team was commissioned to be based off of both a historic and a theoretical Cincinnati Bengals. 
The uniform came from an artists concept of a future alternate Bengal uniform scheme and the numbers were chosen for a team from -some year- that they went to the super bowl.  -I'll admit- I love Blood Bowl, but I don't follow sports, it's never had any interest for me, so the specifics of that were lost on me.  But all the numbers are players who are appropriate for their dwarf representation.  Grimm, in the center above, bears the number of a player who I was told didn't get to play because of being arrested for cocaine. And so in his mustache to the side of his nose ring I gave him some evidence to be collected.  I'm sure it's just powder from a dwarf mine- probably some alabaster - a good lawyer should see him able to play next game. 

More of the team:



Bomber & Chainsaw: Goblins aren't the only ones who use these!

The Deathroller!


The Team (click for larger) 
They now join the Hall of Fame page here on the blog.

More of a top-view.

This was one of the most challenging uniforms I've done, since every one is a bit different.  
Over this many players that is a lot of variety in swirl-stripes to generate. But I like the overall effect.  
Maybe this kind of nearly 'dazzle' camouflage gives the team an edge on the field.

At any rate there is nothing more deadly than a Tiger lose in the field! 

Enjoy... but be careful!


M R Lee said...

Very cool. Always like your BBowl teams. Very individualized. Congrats!

Axtklinge said...

Really nice job!
While "orange" wouldn't probably be one of my choices for dwarf colour schemes (unless it was commissioned, of course), you did a very good job with that 'camouflage pattern'.

styx said...

Very cool. I am not a sports fan at all, I just glance at the scores or in the case of the Olympics how many medals each country won and if there is any interesting stories. Otherwise, I am on to the next thing.

I painted my first BB team to the colors of a University I went to, but that was as much detail as I could go.

Thib-0 said...

These are great !

For what purpose are you using the tokens for ?

Brummie said...

Very cool, colour scheme. I don't follow sport either so have no idea either. I can remember a fad at school many many years ago's and everyone had L.A Raiders shirts and caps

Lobo said...

These guys really rock!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :)
I've always remarked to people what a great game Blood Bowl is, if I can be such a big fan of the game and have -well, less than, zero interest in football (that's the game with the pointy ball and guys in armor mashing into each other, for anyone outside of the US, not the game with the round ball where the majority stubbornly & foolishly refuse to use their hands, despite the easy and obvious advantage in doing so)

Styx, yeah I'll take a look at some olympics medal data, I had to laugh the other day seeing something showing that 'the US & China are tied in medals' making it sound even, then see that china has almost twice the gold, I hadn't realized 1st place & 3rd were equal, but ok ;) somehow if the US had more gold and we were still tied w china I doubt the tally would be framed as 'tied' >;)

Thib-0: the Tokens are used to track game aspects on the board: Score, Turn & Re-rolls. Instead of using the old cardboard markers that come with the game, I offer clients the option to have custom tokens made and painted to match the team.

-I did a blog post on the idea long ago, one of the first articles:

Fiendil said...

Ah. I've not played BB in years, but I keep coming back to the Hall of Fame and keep wanting to pinch an idea or two and build a custom team.

There's a sealed box of Mid Nor Incubi under my table staring at me right now...

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