Thursday, August 2, 2012

Surrender Yer Doubloons or Walk the Plank Out the Airlock!

It has been a very busy year. I have yet to get around to painting the prize-booty of the Class III & IV Space Pirates I won in the Hydra Miniatures contest.  Drat. But they are on the list!
Class II Space Pirate.  Void Hawk clan. 

In the meantime, Hydra has a sale going right now, ending August 7th.
It's 20% off everything except the new releases.

I have 2 fleets painted, but 3 as yet unpainted...but I'm tempted to pick up a few more ships to round them out, as well as some of the Retro Raygun 28mm minis- I have an idea of a multi-scale game I could run at a Con in the future.. and the new Ugg spearmen would be a very fun addition to the 'Pulp Prehistory' rules I'm writing. Oh so many projects!

Speaking of anthropomorphic dino-aliens awhile back... 

Hydra also has a FREE pdf of new rules for the Space Pirate fleet for War Rocket.

Not only is my humble offering of the Void Hawks background within this pdf, but the rules for the Space Pirates Customization, found on page 7, where written by yours truly as well.

In weeks to come I'll do a full review of the Space Pirate miniatures (to supplement the initial review I did) , though before that I'll be adding a review of the Galacteer fleet, to add to the Zenithian, Imperial & Valkeeri I've already done.

In the meantime, go check out Hydra's sale and new minis- lots of fun stuff!

I should say, I'm just a fan- despite having some material in the latest pdf I'm not part of the company nor get any profit or material gain, I just appreciate cool independent minis when I find them. 


Brummie said...

Nice stuff, not my cup of tea but certainly great looking eye candy. The Dinos are interesting mind.

Anne said...

Ferret, you absolutely must stop this. You know I'm into the idea of buying dino's and you know I have no control over myself when it comes to buying. I'll say I'm not going to buy these guys then sometime next week I'll come to believe that I can't live without them. And in a similar vein thanks for telling me about the sale. I'm going to click on that link, God help me.

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