Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Brute Squad: More RPG Minis

Some more minis from the big various group of RPG Minis for Squad Class painting, this is a grouping of 'ogre types', which should be a staple of any DM for a D&D or similar setting.  Ogres make great wandering monsters for dungeons, wild lands, or even as threatening NPCs for a caravan guard, local city organized crime or tavern bouncer.

A shaman type, big savage brute and a slightly more civilized brute.

If you see them from this angle, chances are it's through the one eye remaining that isn't completely swollen over as you bleed all over the floor now that they're done with you. 



Brummie said...

I much prefer these classic style ogres over the new ones.

M R Lee said...

Great work on the skin on the middle one. Also.. another great video ;) Love that movie.

Spacejacker said...

Very nice! Come March, there is a lot of 28mm fantasy in my future in a similar vein :)

Lonewolf said...

Great work on these minis!

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