Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Green(skin) Knight: 3 Year Glance Back

I was organizing some of my painted minis files and noticed that one of my favorite pieces was coming up on being 3 years old.  Older than this blog, so I thought I'd throw him a little birthday party, since he never got a dedicated update.

I rarely have the time to spend a long time on a single mini.  If I was wealthy maybe I could make the time, but I suppose I've always been an 'army painter' at heart, seeing how I have more projects going than I have time to paint in three lifetimes, and I'm always getting motivated to do new armies, warbands and teams.. but occasionally I make the time to focus in one just one.  I did for this goblin, which was for a painting contest on The Warhammer Forum.

I had in mind to make a 'Goblin Knight'.  So first I had to convert the Goblin.  I used the GW Goblin Hero on Squig, and 'knighted him up' using part of a Bretonian helmet, and green stuff to make a broken lance, barding, a little outcropping and add to the helmet, and plasticard for the shield and plasticard tube for part of the helmet.  The helmet was important.  I felt it needed to be there, to sell the 'knight' concept, but didn't want it on his head, so I opted for this idea, to have it flying off his head as he charges forward.

Here's the conversion (click for larger):

And finished:

It's amazing how fast three years goes by, this feels like not long ago at all. 

Looking at him again I have it in my mind to reuse this scheme of ivory to red through coral for another project... so you may see something of that in the mid-distant future. 

Happy Birthday Brave Little Goblin! 


Brummie said...

A fantastic mini love the concept of the chivalrous goblin knight.

Sir Squigalot!

Anne said...

That goblin is a neat figure and the conversion idea is great. Nice painting still at three years ago.

I'm guessing you may have seen this video, it's Carlin and it's from a good stand up bit he did for HBO in NY

Paul´s Bods said...

Happy birthday Sir Goblin :-D

Jay said...

Excellent conversion and paint! Love it!

Laughing Ferret said...

A good name Brummie :)

Thanks Paul :)

Thanks Anne :) and I did see that HBO special when it came out, but I'd forgotten the rant on Golf. So true- so much crazy waste when so many have so little. I find it repulsive that this culture thinks anything that 'makes money' must be better than something that doesn't make money- no matter how useless the former may be and how desperately needed the later might be. It is why this country doesn't really support education: no immediate return, no profit for the books.

Anonymous said...

Great concept on this guy. I really like the work you did on him!

Scott said...

Lovely composition and the mushroom shield device is classic!

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