Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blood Bowl Mid-Nor Nurgle Finished

The Rackham Nurgle team is set and ready to go.
I really do hope all these Rackham miniatures will be back in production before long, they really are full of character and fun to paint.

The Team photo is now on the 'Hall of Fame' page, linked at the top tabs.
Here are some detail shots:

Coach & Pig-ball
Star & Warriors



Beast of Nurgle & token

Bloodweiser, Igor, Coach, Cheer, Assist Coach.

This is a team I feel my photography skills are inadequate: I keep looking at the finished team thinking
'I wish you were mine' 


Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Awsome miniatures! What did you use for the base (the black part), that's not the original ones, is it?

Laughing Ferret said...

All of the bases are Resin bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.. he's going to discontinue these straight-edge style bases, so if you like them, snap them up soon. Rackham minis come with metal tabs & plastic slot bases. if you look at some of the w.i.p. updates on this team you can see them unpainted, the black portion is just the lower half of the base, there is a groove around the base but it's all one casting. They're pretty tall bases, but that worked out well since the miniatures are quite short.

DanJ said...

Fantastic stuff as always - absolutely beautiful work.

Axtklinge said...

Fantasic paint job!

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