Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grubtaur : w.i.p.

Getting close to done on this fellow, and the whole team too actually.
I just wanted to focus on this one at the moment though, I'm just really liking him, probably because of the limited pallet.  Not a true monochrome, since there is some color in skin, metal & a touch in some bandages, but I kept the colors as muted to not pull from the black & white style. There are four others for this team, each with a unique signature color and they will count as Nurgle Chasos Warriors on a Blood Bowl team, while this one is reserved for a star player, Lord Borak, and so is different from them, with just black & white for his colors.

Still needs a bit more work: mouth, pupils, bit of highlight on his back carapace & his little grub nubs. 

Seems that lately every time I work on a team I end up really liking the color scheme, and wanting to do a team for me in the same scheme, and this guy has me considering a black & white scheme.  


DanJ said...

Very nice indeed... I love the models, and the muted colour scheme is very effective.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Dan!

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