Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twilight has a new logo, & new minis & e-zine!

World of Twilight has a new logo!

I like it.  Very spiffy indeed. Captures the feel of it's universe, lots of nice detail, but not overdone in a way that is hectic and confusing, like many intricate logos fall into.  It's also very colorful, which moves away from a lot of the sketch-style art I've grown accustomed to, but it's not a bad thing at all. 

What else is new?  Their first free E-Zine! Get it here:  The Twilight Traveller. 
Nice mag with stories, scenarios, previews of upcoming minis, stats for new minis in the game and the last painting competition. Cool stuff!

And some new minis: some out now, some heading out soon:
Fubarnii Noble. Looks fun to paint!

Lots of new miniatures!

Twilight continues to grow: 3 viable factions now, which continue to all have new miniatures being added to them, and a 4th faction coming around the corner: the nomadic dhogu. 

The newest miniatures seem to only be available at Pyre Studios store. And everything but the newest releases also available from Hasslefree.  I still have a good portion of a Hasslefree voucher I've been delaying using, hoping to apply it to some of the newer releases of Twilight, they might get them, so since I've already 'bought' them (sort of) I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

Twilight is probably my most cherished neglected project.  I really do want to paint them, demo some games for some people, get others interested or at least willing to play, but I set my painting standards very high for myself with my Devanu, and now I feel I can't just 'knock out' the other factions.  So they are waiting for more time or when I don't have pressing needs for getting the minis finished for the hobby gaming I am already involved in.  But I'll get to them. 

World of Twilight is linked under the "Places to Go" on the left hand column. 


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