Thursday, September 8, 2011

Twilight Traveller Issue #2, free E-Zine is up!

Second issue of the Twilight Traveller free E-Zine is up and can be found here:
Twilight Traveller Issue #2, hosted by Pyre Studios.

-Painted by Ben Brownlie.

What's not to like about a free scenario & new rules for newly released miniatures?
Including rules for one of my favorite miniatures in the range: the Hunter and Graku, pictured above.

This guy is just full of character and cute as toast.  By the look of it, very useful on the battlefield too!
With late-placed advanced deployment, he's sure to put a wrench in the opponent's plans. And if you start to miss running Devanu beasts like Grishaks when you play Fubarnii, now you can get the best of both worlds, since this hunter can activate up to 4 friendly beasts, and these hunting Graku are no slouches.

I'm looking forward to ordering this guy & some beasts!
I finally made my selection for my prize of 2nd place in the Twilight painting contest...was very tempted to choose this guy & 4 beasts, but Mike offered to send some pre-release minaitures and I just couldn't pass that up. But I won't be able to wait forever before getting this guy and some others. 


BigLee said...

Nice picture and the E-Zine link is pretty good too!

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