Friday, September 30, 2011

Gunfight at the Passing Fair Corral

So it was time for the final round up of Legends of the Old West.
The final battle was a team match: of the four competing in the last battle, the lowest & highest rated of the four would fight against the middle two. The lower of the pair was the employer who had hired a more fearsome posse to help it take over the town.
This meant it was a brace of brothers, a Comanche chief hired the Pinkertons against my El Rojo who hired the Tequila Syndicate. The employed posses could run off and it wouldn't end the fight, but if either employer posse ran, that'd be the end and the other side would win.

Dawn came to the sleepy town:
A newer gringo community was expanding on the eastern side of Dry Creek.  In the upper right you can see the protestant church.  We reasoned that this church had recently converted the Comanche chief and encouraged him to stir up trouble in the western half of town, with intention of burning down the Catholic church.  The self-proclaimed Cardinal appealed to his more devote members (ie. bribe-able) and two Bandido gangs went out to meet the Indians... but the Chief was no fool,he had an Ace up his sleave too: he'd hired the notorious Pinkertons.

A Brigade of Bandidos

An Infiltration of Interlopers

The "Cardinal" looks pleased.

The bandidos get the jump and lunge forward, two vaqueros provide passenger service for two riflemen.. well, one riflewoman: Rosarita, sharp shooter for El Rojo... the rifles head for the central building's balcony.

The Indians sneak through the alleys, heading to take positions.

The Mexicans surge forward to meet the threat.

These are well equipped Indians! Several rifles and a shotgun. No running across the field to fight here: they take cover behind a wall and in a building. Some of the hired guns take position on a hill for better view.   

The Tequila boys tangle with the Pinkertons on the south end of town.

The balcony draws far more fire than they expected.  Rosarita gets gunned down early, but Jorge has 2 wounds and high grit, and will draw at least 20 shots before being taken out. 

Indicative of a lot of our luck: The hired explosive expert throws his dynamite at the Indians behind their wall:
Ouch.  The Peon running cover will die... a goat for his family is on its way, but the dynamite man was fine!
But.. so were the Indians. 

With Rosarita and Jorge out of action, the balcony is reinforced by a tough, a pistolero and Madre Ortega herself!  It must be said these suns of snakes took great pleasure in shooting at the poor old woman! 

Meanwhile, the Pinkertons over run the south end of town and begin to sweep to the center, as the remaining bandits there also head in to try to route the Indians.

But the Indians are secure.  They dispatched the Vaqueros, and when they finally shot Madre Ortega, it was too much for El Rojo: a tear came to his eye seeing his dear tough old Abuela fall, remembering fondly her strength from her repeated beatings. He called retreat. No Cardinal was worth the life of his Grandmother.

It was a fun season of Legends of the Old West!  Thanks to my partner in banditry and congrats to the Comanche & Pinkertons on their win!


Michael Awdry said...

Wow! I want to play; looks great fun Sir.

mshatch said...

reminds me of a game I used to play with my brother and all the plastic army men (which I actually still have) and their tanks and stuff - of course, we didn't have all those fancy buildings, just couches and tables and stuff - but it sure was fun!

thanks for the reminder :)

Paul´s Bods said...

Great looking set up and a great game...

Lobo said...

enchanting scenary!

Tomsche said...

Nice read there, and a magnificent gaming board!

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