Thursday, September 5, 2013

Countdown To Chaos Cup

Pausing in between sacrifices of pigeons, dressed as bulls, to the gods, here's a quick update on the preparations for Chaos Cup:

1.  The team is almost finished!  All that is left is to paint numbers & skills on the base edges and a final varnishing.

2. I've finished the mini for the Legacy Team: a Dark Elf Runner.

3. Since I'm giving away my Referee miniature to Kasper, who won the contest, I converted a new referee.
This referee is primed, but I'll have to paint him up quickly tomorrow. He's very small and simple, won't be much of a problem.

4. After that: pack, maybe make a post office run, get my car smogged and registration sent off, set the cats up for their time away from their human... figure out how to wake up around the time I usually go to sleep.


I had a small tragedy with the team today. I brought them from the studio to the computer room, to look at my 'Tuesday Two Beastmen' updates, to find the numbers for each one, so I could paint these numbers on the armor. Got it, and then when carrying the team back, tripped over a fan cord and most of the team flew out and hit the floor.  Carpeted, but still a good sized drop. Luckily, only one became loose on the base, but didn't come off and one lost an arm, but I got it back on..not as nice as before, but good enough.

Before I leave I'll post the team, in the mean time, here are the extra minis for the event:

For the Legacy team: people paint & donate a mini, and one person wins the team.
A quick-paint, but I'm happy with it.

Conversion for a referee with a Chaos theme.
Since my team is devoted to Slannesh, I thought a Slanneshi Referee would look too biased, so I've gone with this little fellow.  I added a ridge around his belly so I can paint him to have a black & white striped Ref shirt. Hmm.. just thought, maybe I'll add a whistle.

After whistle & sleeves: good idea Sheep, thanks!

Well it's after Midnight and I haven't had time to get dinner yet, so off I go.

Enjoy your Friday! 


Barks said...

Love that referee!

Sheep said...

Ref looks really cool mate, he needs some sleeves though . .

Shame about the spill, happens to the best of us, glad it wasn't too bad.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks guys!

I'd thought about sleeves Sheep, but figured his upper arms are a good deal thicker than lower arms, i'd just paint sleeves to the elbow, but after you said that it started to bug me, so I made sleeves ;) and a whistle.

Sheep said...

Haha You're welcome mate ;) That was quick as!

Looks alot better with sleeves, the definition of the areas will make it easier to paint I would imagine.

M R Lee said...

Very cool mate.. and sad to hear about your spill.. at least it wasn't cats though! Sneaky buggers..

Lead Legion said...

I really love the Ref. Great idea. That grin pretty much captures the whole gleeful Schadenfreude experience that is Blood Bowl. And I've probably spelled that wrong as well.

Simon Quinton said...

That Ref is pretty swell, nice job so far.

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