Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hooves & Horns: The Psychedelic Furs Blood Bowl Beastmen Team heading to Chaos Cup

The team is finished.  Plenty of time to spare.  Well, if I had more time I might have given a couple goats multi-color pattern fur, but they're done for now.

My flight leaves in 8 & a half hours. I expect to feel like a zombie since it is nearly the polar opposite of my waking schedule. But that's what I get for being semi-nocturnal.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures at Chaos Cup and document the games to write up reports to post after I get back.

On to the team!

Since the team is 'Hoves & Horns' there are no Chaos Warriors, so it's nice to have a spare minotaur for the team.  I wish i could have squeezed a star Mino for the roster this weekend!

First, the Willy Minotaur which came with the Willy Chaos team:
I don't see many Minotaurs done in white, and since it goes nicely with pink I wanted to give it a try. 

I love the detail in the sculpt, especially the scar across his blinded eye. Well, I chose to interpret it as a blinded eye... makes him look fierce.

I wanted a bright pink for the team.  For one, the team is devoted to Slannesh, and that's one of that God's signature colors.  For another, you rarely see pink uniforms, and usually when you do it's on cheescake-amazons. I think it really draws the eye.

The Ramos Minotaur:

I reviewed this model last month.  Another excellent minotaur sculpt, though a very different look. 
I decided this one would be black fur, to contrast the white fur of the other minotaur.  

It comes with three different right arms: fist, tentacles, and claw. 

and take a spin: (click for larger)

That leaves just beastmen for players:

I made six beastmen without mutations.

and six beastmen with mutations:

That should give the team some visual variety along with the different fur/skin colors.

A quick word about the bases: 

I changed the bases from standard plastic to resin dungeon stone when I saw the Chaos Cup pitch that was available from Fantasy Fields. Here's a picture of it: 

When I saw that, it was a must for me, since I was building a Slanesh-themed team.  I had the pleasure of playing on a couple of Fantasy Fields pitches at the North American Team Championship, and they're really nice, so this was a chance to get a fun one. So I figured I should base the team to match! 

The bases are from Dragonforge, which are probably my favorite resin bases: nice styles and not too tall (some manufacturer's resin bases are really high and I'm not a fan of very tall bases).  

My team's bases are tinted purple, but it seems the photos reduces the color just a bit. I'm thinking it'll be a decent match, and should add to the style of the team to have bases matching the pitch. 


Cheerleader, Coach and Re-Roll Tokens. 

I had a spare ball, so I even gave them their own ball! 

Echo prepares to kick the ball! 

If nothing else, it will be easy to spot the ball!  

The Team: 

 The Psychedelic Furs 
(click for larger)

The Furs now join the other teams in the Hall of Fame page (tab at the top of the blog). 

And to Referee their game, the forces of Chaos wouldn't let anyone but one of their own referee at the Chaos Cup!


I just hope he ignores all the fouls I intend to make!

"i got my sty on you"

Wish the Furs luck.. they're going to need it!



Scott said...

Excellent brushwork! You are a brave man going pink!

Sheep said...

Amazing work mate, the colours and the execution as usual are flawless.

Good luck at the tournament :)

Barks said...

Superb! I love the mutations, and the basing will look perfect on that pitch.

Do you plan to do the warriors at some stage? I'd love to see your take on them.

Good luck at the Cup!

Thomas said...

Oh boy, I'm absolutely in love with that color!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks guys :D

Scott: Pink can be troublesome. It took longer because I started with a light color, worked down, but in the end I decided it needed a brighter highlight, and then after that? I wanted another. Pink saturates highlights, drawing them back down. Luckily a very bright seems right for 'psychedelic'..just took more effort to get there.

Thanks Sheep, I'll need the luck. This team is more about theme and the look than strong & solid on the pitch ;)

Barks: I have the warriors, they were part of the kickstarter team, and I'm sure I'll paint them eventually... would have been easier to do them at the same time, but then I'd have been painting 20 minis instead of 16 and considering the limited time I had to devote to them I don't think I'd have finished. They'll match the team, though I'm tempted to convert them with bestigor heads ;)

Thanks Thomas! it's grown on me too.

James Brewerton said...

Great paint work, good luck with the cup
Peace James

M R Lee said...

This is great! Love the colors used here, and I think that the first Minotaur is perfect. The colors really came together for that model there, and I think it is perfect. This looks great as a team, and I am sure you will do at the tournament!

Gareth the Grot said...

One of your best teams yet. Sumptuous stuff sir!

JP said...

Amazing work - the pink has come out nice and vibrant. Good luck with the team!

Axtklinge said...

Fantastic paint job, congrats!
Looking forward to read your reports!

Monty said...

Fabulous paintjob!
I like the pink uniform very much. It fits the theme excellently.


Brian Botzan said...

The albino minotaur is really fantastic. The pink is spot on and a color I've always had a hard time painting. Good Luck with the team!

Sean said...

Great looking team. The pink works really well. Love the ref as well. Have fun at the tournament.

Tristan M said...

those pinks are amazing mate!

you should definitely bring the second minotaur you can enter him in the individual paint competition. if you aren't aware check the zlurpeebowl forums for info.

Twin Cities Gamer said...

Oh my, these just shine! Is there a trophy for best looking team on the pitch? If so, you're a shoo-in! Nothing beats getting freshly painted figs out on the table. Good luck!

fireymonkeyboy said...

Oh, man, that pink just screams, especially against the muted tones you used on the skin. Gorgeous work.


J Womack, Esq. said...

One might even say this team is Pretty in Pink.

They look great.

Peter Ball said...

Gorgeous work!

Anne said...

The brushwork on these is stellar Ferret. The pink compliments the skin tones and this works.

Have a good weekend and safe journey home. Looking forward to the write up.

DeanM said...

Stunning work! Great job capturing the P-Furs. Best, Dean

moute said...

Wahou... super boulot!!!
et re Wahou!

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