Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Psychedelic Furs at Chaos Cup 2013: Game Six... the final game.

Losing Game Five meant the, undoubtedly unrealistic, possibility of 'breaking even' over the course of the event was lost: I'd now lost 3, won 1, tied 1 with only 1 game left before me. Not a big deal, my goal had simply been avoid the Wooden Spoon like the plague: as long as I won one game and enjoyed the games I played I'd be happy.  But it wouldn't be so bad to win more than one... let's see...

Opponent: Pheildorf Steelers, Human.  Coached by Alex

A third human team? Very unusual. Like I mentioned before, I don't see human teams at tournaments very often. I have mixed feelings about humans: I love the roster & how the team plays.  They're an amazingly flexible team: 4 blitzers, a good throwing game, many fast pieces, reliable armor.. if you face a finesse team you can bash them, if you face a bash team you can finesse them. But they are humans.. and we're all humans, so I expect that's why they aren't more represented: if you have a chance to play something different than yourself wouldn't you? But I'm glad to see people decide no and play humans because they are a fun team to play against, even if a very tough challenge for what is pretty much an all-human lineman team that just have horns.

Pre-game: The Steelers stole the heart of the crowd and got +1 Fame.  I won the toss however and elected to kick.  This displeased the crowd and there was a riot: 1 less turn for this half.

The last game allowed teams to give 2 mutations to linemen who had not been given a tournament skill.
We both decided to go with 2 players with Claws since we both had Armor 8 teams.
Claw lets a player break armor on any roll of 8, so it would be easier to break the other's armor.

Since I had 2 players with Claws mutations modeled already, this was my top choice.

First turn, I already forgot he had a frenzy Blitzer and Adam Ant is pushed off the field.
It has been a long weekend ;)

Pretty finally starts to warm up and blitzes the ball-carrying Catcher.

Pretty sacks the catcher, stunning him. 
Ultra Vox goes to pick up the ball: Roll 2. fail.  Re-Roll: 2. yeah, that's a fail still. 

Turn 4 the ball gets crowded as everyone wants a chance at it. 
A goat makes a dodge to reposition: Fail. Re-roll? Fail. 

Turn 5 the humans recover the ball and throw to a catcher, pretty safe in the clear. 
Before the riskier play of a dodge-blitz at the ball carrier I threw a 2 die-block as my first action: Double-Skulls,.. no re-roll, so that ended my turn. 
(hey Big Lee, are you reading these? I applaud your comparatively stellar dice rolling!) 
Turn 6, after this fast turn over, the humans injure Falco, one of my Guards. 

Turn 6 Squeeze blitzes the carrier and wrestles him down: the best I could manage.

It's small bother however as the catcher simply gets up, grabs the ball and scores. 

A quick 1 turn play remains in the half, but I set up for serious play regardless in case of another riot. 
At the end of the half, a riot would set the clock back, and could give me time to score. 

But instead of the hoped-for riot, it starts to rain. 

Pretty was upset by this, for it may disrupt his smoothly brushed fur, and he injures a human lineman in frustration!  A little late to the games Pretty, but welcome all the same!

The Half ends: 0-1. 

Set back up to receive again, the rain continues. 

The ball is kicked as deep as it gets and Inxs retrieves it. 

But #9 Mena T'work hits a Blitzer for 2 dice and gets 2 Both-Down... since the Blitzer has Block and he doesn't, this would put my goat down, so Re-Roll? again: 2 Both Down: my turn ends and Mena T'work is injured.  

It was getting wearisome to suffer these dice at this point, I'm shamed to admit.  
The whole weekend was lower than average dice by a good margin and Re-Rolls especially were poor rolls all weekend... not like they were on crazy chance rolls either, but seems more often than not the re-roll fails and often with the same exact roll.  If that's how good the re-rolls are I'd have been better off playing with no re-rolls and just invest in more players. Maybe I'll have to try a tournament team like that some day. 
It's worth a try. 

Turn 2 a Claw-Lineman Knocks Out Adam Ant. 
Pretty is Blitzed and Stunned. 

Seeing Human Blitzers coming for him, Inxs moves up but he is dangerously exposed.

Inxs makes the best of it and gets near mid-field. 

Pretty recovers but the humans have them corralled. 

Turn 5 Inxs got Blitzed and lost the ball, while Echo got chain-pushed off field: Now down 4 players. 

Last ditch effort, crazy play Xtc dodged to blitz the human ball carrier, needing to dodge in two tackle-zones, but failed. 

The Human Blitzer made 2 Go For Its on the last turn to score again, ending the game 2-0 for the Steelers.

My opponent was a good guy who played a good game, but I'm afraid I didn't give him much of a game.
This was by far my poorest-played game, and worst dice rolling, and the combo saw me not giving him much competition.  Well, it happens: can't be on your game every game.

It did mean our game ended early and I got to walk around and check out other games, as most were still going, and see more teams, which was nice.

Looking at what did go right in the game, I can honestly say that the MVP for the Furs has to go to Pretty!

Pretty N. Pink was the only player to earn any Star Player Points this game: since he caused the 1 injury I inflicted.  Well done Pretty, I knew you had it in you!

So that covers all the games. Final tally: 1 Win, 1 Tie, 4 Loses.
Not my best record, but it won't be my worst ;)

There will be one more update on Chaos Cup before I close the book on this event.
Next I'll do an update for awards, final thoughts and looking toward future tournaments.

Thanks for watching, and enjoy Pretty's moment in the sun...



Simon Quinton said...

The Curse of the Big Lee Strikes. Bad luck buddy it happens. It must of been the shock of all these human teams appearing that did it!

Barks said...

I've got a soft spot for humans, but they never perform as well as I'd like.

You had shocking luck with those rerolls all tourney...

Great reports and pics!

Anne said...

What did you do to anger the dice gods Ferret? You're in Big Lee territory here and that ain't good.

Glad to hear Pretty did well for himself this time 'round. He's still my favourite no matter what.

Francis Lee said...

Good game my friend but you can't sweat the dice gods either.

fireymonkeyboy said...

You need to focus less on playing, and more on getting good close-up shots of the pretty minis. Some really nice work there.


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