Friday, September 13, 2013

The Psychedelic Furs at Chaos Cup 2013: Game Two

After finishing Game One, and now nearly awake, it was time for Game Two!

It can be a bit of a hassle to carefully pack & unpack a team, take apart the pitch, move, set it up again, get out the camera, notepad, all the tokens & items needed, explain to my opponent that yes, I'm a bit of a dork and enjoy recording all the details so I can post it up here for everyone's public mocking of my skill and luck viewing pleasure. And all in time to start the next game, but it's worth it, and this event had a pretty good buffer of time between games, so that helped.

Opponent: Themiskyra Defenders. Amazons, Coached by Alex

Amazons can be a very tough team. Sure, they're fragile but dodge really helps them when not facing a team with a lot of tackle. The Amazons had 4 Blodging Blitzers and 3Wrestling Linewomen.  Skill-wise, my team was completely outclassed.  But at least our teams had the same movement speed.

The fans favored the 'zons: they got +1Fame.  I won the coin toss & elect to kick.

I left 3 sacrificial goats on the line and prepared for a counter-strike.

And yes: his team wasn't painted. He said he'd only decided that week what team to play and it was as far as he'd been able to get on them: life gets in the way, what are you going to do?  At least the base-edges were painted by color to designate the player position. That's traditional with some people... myself, I don't care for it on my teams: anything that pulls the eye from the mini & detracts from aesthetics I don't like.. even painting numbers on the base edge was a big soul-searching compromise for me to start doing ;)  but then, I'm an aesthetic junky.
But in this case, with black primer minis, the colored base edges were vital.

After some time though, I didn't mind the all-black so much.. it made me think of the movie Legend, when the faceless black dress is dancing, seducing the princess to evil, and since my Minotaur's horns are a lot like Tim Curry's Devil's horns, that seemed appropriate. *See bottom movie at the end.

The kick was shallow, I punched a hole and went after the ball!  No faceless dancing shadows are going to scare my goats!  Maybe they should have though... Turn 2 they injured Echo! Already down a Guard!

But Ultra Vox scoops up the ball and heads down to score, braying & bragging along the way.
That Vox is a showboat.
Ladies first? Not for goats!  Ultra Vox scores on Turn 4.   1-0.

Scoring on the Amazons when I'd kicked to them must have upset some chivalrous chap in the crowd because as I kicked again someone threw a rock which knocked out Duran, son of Duran, who had only recently recovered from his injury last game!

Pretty in Pink Double-Skulled at a bad moment, so I risked the loner roll to re-roll it: failed.
He's a pretty bull, but he seems to get by just on his looks.

The Amazons took advantage of distractions and snuck the ball down the side.  Squeeze blitzed her, and no need to wrestle, he head-butted her down and stunned her!  Excellent!  Now it was up to Inxs, the three-armed wonder.. he goes to pick up the ball, with that extra arm all he needs is a 2 or more.. and roll: 1! Fail.
The Amazons recover the ball and tie it up.  1-1.

Second Half: The score is 1-1 and the ball kicked to me.
Mission: slow, pain-inflicting drive and score at the end of the half for a 2-1 win.  Let's see how it goes...

Pretty gets jealous of one of the Amazon blitzers and pushes her out into the crowd!
Not nice,but I'll take it!

Inxs, ball in hand and hand and hand drives up the right-center of the field, with his herd protecting him.

The Violent Fems attack!
They knock down Duran Duran, stun Inxs and injure Adam Ant! (Down another Guard!)
The ball bounces free!  'I guess it must be something to do with luck.'

The shadow woman snags the ball and heads for the clear!

But Squeeze comes to the rescue! He charges, horns lowered, forsaking his tentacle and knocks out the amazon!  He guards the ball while Yaz Goes For It to reach the ball: 1 Re-roll? 1 : Fail.
The ball gets kicked around and we try to keep it from the zons: there is no time left for the Furs to score.

Turn 8

A Blitzer 1 Die-blitzes Inxs, gets a Pow!, down goes Inxs!

She scoops up the ball on a 3+ then double Go For It for the score: It's good!

The crowd cheers the last-minute play that brings a win to the Defenders 2-1 over the Furs.

When asked about the game, Furs coach Rikkard 'Butting' Buttler said "I want those time clocks checked."

Stubborn Goat but that's why we love him.

A fun game, very close, it was down to the wire.  Very nice opponent to play and it made me want to convert the amazon team I have in mind...

With two loses the Psychedelic Furs would drop in tables again, though they'd kept both games close, so were getting some good practice in.   We'll see if it would help them when we return for Game Three!

My MVP for the match goes to #10: Squeeze.  With two vital and successful blitzes, he was the most reliable and successful goat on the field. If only the rest had played as well the game would been very different!

Thanks for watching!

On to Game Three!


* Dancing with evil amazons:


Tristan M said...

Really enjoyed this report dude, perhaps it was the back and forth in the game but your story is awesome and worth the time :-)

Simon Quinton said...

Another close fought game then. Those Amazon Ninja's just sneaking a win!

Anne said...

I can't believe they injured Adam Ant. Squeeze did himself proud though by knocking that ugly, non-painted Amazon down.

You must win the next game. Surely there's some sort of mystical ritual you can perform to sway the dice gods! You don't want to take the crown from Big Lee:)

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Tristan, glad you enjoyed it :)

Simon: Very close.. can't feel bad about a game that was lost in the last turn, when so much was stacked against that lone blitzer to pull it off.

Anne: I could give Big Lee a run for his money for cursed dice luck.

fireymonkeyboy said...

Double one on the go for it is harsh. On the upside, you have some rather pretty goats. They can console themselves by staring in the mirror and preening.


Barks said...

Great reports, the figures and the pitch really complement each other. The mino in particular looks really smooth against the pitch.

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