Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Two Beastmen: Last edition of Psychedelic Furs Blood Bowl Introductions

And so we come to the last of the Tuesday: Two-Beastmen updates.

And just in time too.  In a few days I head to Chicago with nothing but sparsely skilled beastmen and a minotaur to hit the pitch in one of the Majors tournaments of Blood Bowl.

You've met the whole team already, but that isn't the extent of a team.  No team is complete without some staff members.  A team needs a Coach to direct the players and a Cheerleader to rally the fans.
Without these two, a team is lost.

So let's meet them!

Heaven, the cheerleader.  Her loud tinny bleating calls can bring a tear to the eye of the sternest beastman. 

Rikkard "Butting" Butler. Once a star of the pitch in his own right, 35 times nominated MVP for his devastating blitzes, he now coaches The Furs with experience and cunning.  

The cheerleader mini came from The West Coast Quake a few years back and was the ideal cheerleader for an all-beastman team.  The coach had to be converted from a GW plastic beastman.  Armed with his clipboard of plays and whistle around his neck, he's ready for the big games. 

Painting progress goes well. The long weekend, traditionally a big gaming convention weekend saw me instead devoting freetime to making headway on the team. The hardest part, the metal pipping around the armor, which I'd procrastinated doing, is now done and the team should be ready in time.  

I'll probably update with their team photos before I leave.  

Not to be left out, here are some songs for these two... a phrase always uttered by the coach, "run, run!" and an Ode to Heaven...



Simon Quinton said...

Very nice putty work. Look forward to seeing them painted up and on the field.

James Brewerton said...

great conversions look forward to seeing the with paint on
Peace James

Chris Stoesen said...

The cheerleader figure is great fun. nice work.

Anne said...

Chicago is a good distance for you to travel, so have a safe journey.

I do want to see this team painted up if you can before you go. If you do encounter those stinking High Elves this time, give them a good thrashing!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks folks :)

Anne: Dan is going, but he's leaving his High Elves at home, so even if I do play him I'd be playing against his Chaos Dwarves, which I expect would thrash me thoroughly. It's staggering how much better a team like Chaos Dwarves is than this self-imposed limitation of all beastmen... compared to his team he has 2 guys with extra strength, 6 more guys with block, 8 guys with better armor, 2 guys with more movement...and i have a lot of horns. a redundancy of 11 on the pitch when I can only use 1 each turn. Haha, but what the hell, it's a fun team concept.

Brian Botzan said...

Love that coach, and can't wait to see them painted and hearing how they did in Chicago.

Sean said...

Another fun team. Hope to read of their exploits.

Barks said...

Lovely greenstuffing; also waiting for the painted shots!

M R Lee said...

Can't wait to see the painted versions, and to read the reports from the games! Good luck!

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