Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Robots for the Quar

Last night was the first meeting for the Venus campaign.

This looks like it will be great fun. It is using a modified Mighty Empires for the campaign and Martian Empires for the armies & battles. Since I was a latecomer to the campaign, joining after it was set to launch, Captain Kneemo, commander of an international league of idealists and their robot troops, welcomed my Phobosians as comrades: we'll be splitting the number of banners & characters.

There are 8 players then in 7 initial nations. 6 fairly quick turns were run as the banners made planetfall, the offworld ships landing in succession and their forces moved out to scout. Each nation got 3 base camp villages and 3 native villages. Some nations saw combat, disease and other misadventures befall them as they explored. Fate shows it smiles on those with noble purpose however as the Kneemo-Phobosian alliance scouting moves revealed only 1 village which was unable as yet to see the benefits of joining us, but 12 villages and 1 mountain city joined our cause: some really lucky rolls!

Checking out the other forces, there were some really fun ideas with various minis & toys for creating VSF walkers, tanks & robots. As they get fielded in battle you'll likely see them here!

The Quar clearly need more machines, since the Scrambler walker I made seems to be best suited to being a light gatling walker, which is good.. but I need something with a bit more punch too. So here is the Cracker:
Similar to the Scrambler, but a bit slower, able to withstand more punishment and armed with a 6 pounder cannon.
"Come get some"
Made from a Warmachine Khador Berzerker. Cut the axe pommel off the left hand, cut the hand off the right arm, build a cannon, simply don't add all the extra squared shoulder armor plates & spikes (Quar do not strike me as a chaotic type who want spikes on everything), cut off what spikes are already there, and the head is placed on upside down, with spike removed... upside down looked more appropriate for the genre.

The conversion was very easy and surprisingly fast to do.
No one messes with this Quar, not when he has such backup!

What is on the horizon:
I picked up some Star Wars minis very cheaply, less than $5 for 3 models... have to love that.
I'm planning to replace the legs, give it some lower tech weapons...
I love it! What changes I'll make exactly I'm not sure... but it has so much potential.
What would you do with it?

Stay tuned and thanks for checking it out!


Alfrik said...

Needs a broom and long handled dust pan, then it could really... Clean up... ;)

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