Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We are not alone: Scout Automaton of Phobos Spotted

"Explain how you came by this soldier." Demanded first lieutenant Phineas Trundlebed, holding the photostatograph.
"We came across Corporal Wainscoting's photostatogal apparatus as well as other items from yesterday's scouting patrol a half-day's march west of here. Knowing Corporal Wainscoting's diligence in his maintenance of his gear and other sundries, I found the careless placement of his device upon the ground quite uncharacteristic of him if I do say so and I don't mind telling you."

Phineas Trundlebed raised one eyebrow at the brusk personalism but merely replied,
"Yes. Quite."
Shifting his attention to the photostatograph,
"But what is of equally distressing weight is just what the devil is this contraption which his device has captured the visage of?"

"I would not be so bold as to speculate sir," replied the subordinate. "But it matches no mechanization I am familiar with and certainly is beyond the craft of the natives. I would say sir, that it would appear we are not alone here on Venus."

Phineas Trundlebed raised one eyebrow again, giving the soldier a pointed look,
"Yes. Quite."
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