Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quar Light Tanks

Bullets zipping, shells booming, how is a young Quar who'd like to keep his head unperforated expected to get to the enemy trench line? Why not ride in style in your own personal Light Tank?

The Fifth Mechanical Corp of the Royal Phobosian Light Expeditionary Brigade are pleased to report that B.I.D.B.I, or 'Bidby', the Break It Down/Build It of Solar Sail Transport Vessel 2, Stage 3 is complete and two Light Tanks are ready for service (or will be once they're painted).


I made these from the RAFM Cyclopse Land Wheeler
Cyclops land wheeler
I saw a similar conversion on LAF, and loved it, kept it in mind for mine.
I bulked it out by extending the under-carriage, since it looked a little slim and hard to imagine a Quar fitting inside it.
I also built new boiler exhausts, which freed up one of the metal smoke stacks to serve as a cannon!
All in all a simple and quick conversion.
Here is one standing ready with a Quar soldier.
I think this makes a nice light tank!

I think it has potential for 15mm service as well:
Here it is with a 15mm Draco and a GZG Bulldog. The tech is very anachronistic for sci-fi, but that's not a bad thing necessarily. In fact, I have a rather pulpy 'British Royal Lunar Marines' army planned that these might work very well for!


ArmChairGeneral said...

hey great site!

Paul´s Bods said...

I like the look of those Quar light tanks...very steam punk.

Dan said...

Tell us all how you make your rivets.

Laughing Ferret said...

-Thank you Arm Chair General! Very flattering!

-Thanks Paul, I like them too! They're smaller than I imagined from the picture on the RAFM site, but I couldn't be happier about that: makes a great light tank for Quar and it will help me field some pulpish 15mm sci-fi

-Dan: Rivets are easy. I'll have to do a detailed post on it sometime with pictures, but the basics of it is take a plasticard rod, the thickness you want your rivets to be and cut it in many small pieces, then spread some liquid cement for plastic models, I use the stuff from ModelMaster, onto the plastic, touch the tip of your craft blade into the liquid cement, use that to pick up a rivet, place it onto the armor plate by touching it to the surface, the greater amount of cement there, and the fact that it's starting to melt the plastic will make the rivet more interested in staying on the plastic than the blade. Now, repeat this 200 times ;)

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