Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quar set solar sail for Venus

Stockholm Observatory Reports Sightings of Vessels Departing Mars
"We confirmed our original sightings last night," Announced Professor Bornholdt, Director of Research and Ocular Exploration at the Stockholm Observatory. "Beyond a doubt a small cluster of vessels have left the region of Mars and are on a trajectory that will take them inwards toward the solar center."

Amidst worries of an invading fleet he replied, "Highly unlikely. Their path indicates that they will bypass our planet altogether. In fact, Earth shall be on the other side of the sun as they cross our orbital path. No, all indications are their destination is Venus."

Of what impact this may have on the expeditions to Venus of the various world powers he would not speculate. "One curious item of note however, is that while we are aware there are civilizations on Mars, there is some indication that these vessels came not from Mars itself, but from one or both of the Moons. Whether this suggests that there are civilizations on the Moons of Mars or merely the presence of Naval Bases, I shouldn't hazard."

I recently became aware that the VSF Venus campaign that I've been following with interest on the Armored Ink blog is actually local to me and looks like I'll have an opportunity to take part!

I had two ideas for possible armies to use: my Draniki, the Lizardmen of Venus (sounds ideal) or to use my Quar, from Zombiesmith, with a similar idea I had for my 'Planets in Peril' background which situates the Quar as rivals on the moons of Mars. Since the GM of the campaign is running the natives of Venus, that left the Quar as my best choice, and the one I was leaning toward anyway, because they'd be the most similar to the armies of Earth, and it gives me a chance to make some tanks and robots... and who doesn't love tanks and robots?


The Royal Phobosian Light Expeditionary Brigade has requested and been accepted for a daring mission to Venus. Phobos has been in a constant state of war with Demos for several centuries. The two worlds have reduced each other to misshaped rocks. If Phobos is to come to a final victory it needs resources. Mars is close, but very contested for little gain, plus the eyes of Demos would be upon us. Earth is rich in resources, but has a population that is thick with a violent species. These men from the blue planet have recently come to Venus, which has many untapped resources. If left unchecked, Venus may fall to the claims of the Earth men nations.
The time to strike is now! Fortune favors the bold!


Unfortunately, my Quar are not painted yet, and I have precious little time for painting my own projects, being occupied with many commissions, but I try to have an hour or two a night for my own hobby projects, which helps me stay fresh for motivation for all projects. So hopefully the Quar will see some progress.

The rules being used is Martian Empires, which has been modified for 28mm minis.
Units tend to be on 4 stands of 30mm x 60mm with 2 or 3 miniatures on each stand.
Since my Quar are based for skirmish on 25mm round bases, they'll have room for just 2 minis per stand.

I knocked out some stands to fit the theme of Venus. These were fast & simple. It was very nostalgic for me to do something with thin dense card, sponge flock and plastic plants. A project on the cheap and easy like all my projects were ten to twenty years ago.

Here is a group of 4 stands, with some unflocked areas in the center to place some blue-tack to hold the minis with some stability.
The unpainted (for now) Quar stepping foot for the first time on the Green Planet.

The Scrambler.
A well armed walker of recent design. Its thick armor protects it as it crosses the battlefield, raining lead with its twin heavy machine guns. The Quartermaster of the Royal Phobosian 5th Army has approved the requisition of a Scrambler for the mission to Venus.

Though designed for the rough ground and trench combat of Phobos & Demos, its design should prove beneficial in the jungles of Venus as well.
The Scrambler was made with a Peacekeeper from Malifaux. Instead of the front arm and harpoon gun I've made heavy trench machine guns.

For King & Country & the honor of our Phobosian Ancestors, our next footfall is Venus!


Paul´s Bods said...

That´s a cracking conversion of the Peacekeeper.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thank you Paul! Kind of you to say. It was a pain & a half to put together, even without the converted bits: the arms *must* be pinned, there just isn't much of any real socket, and the army join is rounded, always a joy to drill into a small round end. I like the look of the model as intended, I just didn't think 3 arms & a harpoon gun was a logical choice for a war engine that spends most of its time in trench warfare. I'm very pleased with how the guns turned out.

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