Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quar Recon Robot Conversion

The Quar of Phobos are nothing if not resourceful.

Their mission is to secure land & resources on Venus. Their own supplies, budget and quarpower are limited however. Their ships were designed to be dismantled on landing and made into base camps, wagons and machines of war. This is one such robot. A robot designed from communication equipment and cargo assisters. Versions of these have served as scouts for decades. They are fast, fairly agile and able to transmit messages over long distances. It has been weaponized as well: As it moves, its legs build up a static charge in its internal coils which it can discharge through its antennae. Its simple cargo arms can be used for defense when needed.

I started with the Star Wars miniatures droid you saw in the last post.
It had 4 soft, warped legs. I knew those would need to be replaced or reinforced. I first thought of making it a tripod: I loved the idea, but it was a bit more busy than I wanted. When sizing it up as a biped I thought it looked much better, as well as more awkward: just what I wanted.

I started by removing all four legs.
I then removed the center section of the two legs I would use.
The center I replaced with a paperclip and plastic tubing.
Drill into the leg & the foot for the paperclip support.
The finished legs on the right, original on the left.
Where the legs used to be attached is where the arms will come out from.
Drill in and attach a paper clip and plastic tube just like the legs.
This is the basics of the arms. a hole drilled through a plastic rod, and at the opposite end, a hole is drilled down the shaft (which you can't see in the picture). The paper clip will serve as the joining piece as you see below.
Leave a little of the paperclip sticking through the plastic rod, this will serve as the bolt.
The forearm is longer than upper arm, to add to the awkward appearance.
A close up of the pieces for the simple claw hands.
Almost finished! You can see a glued hand on the right. An old 40k Ork buggy radiator and exhaust looks very steam punk, especially when placed out like a spine.
Attach it with the same paper clip & plastic tube method used before.
Attach the body to the legs, hands to the arms and added rivets.
Must have rivets.
He's now ready to scout the jungles of Venus and zap any wayward Blue Planet Imperialists!
The 3 Walkers so far.


Spacejacker said...

A good conversion is one of the most satisfying parts of the hobby IMO.. Great work.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thank you!
I completely agree. As much as I enjoy painting, nothing is quit as fun and rewarding as scratch building, converting & kit-bashing.

Jason said...

This last one is the best of them all!

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