Friday, July 20, 2012

A Vast Variety of Dwarves: Can Be Yours!

A large party of Dwarves.. looking for a home...

No, not the plot of The Hobbit, a Kickstarter project with just a handful of days left.

It seems Kickstarter is getting ever more productive with gaming projects, and it can be hard to decide which to jump in on and which to let pass by. Stonehaven Miniatures' Dwarf Adventurers is one I had to jump in on.    -- Click the dwarf to go check it out:

Stonehaven has come up with concepts for a set of 15 dwarves, each unique in a different adventuring archetype. In addition, they have added several more dwarves as they continue to reach stretch goals.
I found the rewards a bit difficult to grasp compared to some, but they have a nice check-chart to help out.
The $40 reward gets you the full set of 15 dwarves!  You can also add on the further Dwarves at $4 each.

There are some really great Dwarf characters here- things not often seen, like a mage, witch, monk, even a necromancer.  Also, several of the dwarves are female- also pretty rare to find. There are the standard iconic dwarves as well: fighter, berzerker, miner, brewer and more.  These would make great additions to an RPG or as characters for a miniatures army.  I'm thinking they'd make a good source for a skirmish warband for games like Songs of Blades & Heroes, Mordheim or other fantasy skirmish game.

I'm a sucker for characterful minis, and I especially love Dwarves.  And I can't find fault with the price.
They look very fun to paint.

Some of the Greens are shown now, and that's probably the best way to judge them for yourself:
-I love that paladin's maul!

Concept Art:

If you like characterful Dwarves, go check them out, there's still 5 more days to get in.


Michael Awdry said...

I've got to admit they look like so much fun and I've only really just started to get my head around kick-starter; such a great way to see new and characterful minis to hit the market.

Anne said...

I've seen other bloggers using kickstarter, but this is the first kickstarter for mini's I've seen. I must say that I'm proud to be a member of this community because it looks like we kick arse compared to everyone else!!

These guys have exceeded their targeted by tons of money. Go Gamers!!!!

Mr. Lee said...

Interesting how the kickstarters are really helping out the gaming community these days. Ogre, Zombieside, Sedation Wars, this.. and all blowing well past their original plans or targets.

Too bad I am not much of a fan of dwarves ;) Thankfully friends of mine are, and might jump on this. Cheers for the heads up!

Lead Legion said...

Thanks for the heads-up. These guys do look pretty cool.

Tael said...

Key thing about Kickstarter, it puts the hobbyists back in the hobby.

The projects kicking off greatly, all have solid themes and character, no surprise theyre doing well.

A few larger companies should learn a thing or two from all this.

Deserter said...

Bloody brilliant! I love loads of those dwarves, I'm going to put some cash down on payday!

benvoliothefirst said...

Thanks for the heads up on this project. I don't even collect dwarves and I couldn't live without these mini's. As an undead player I simply had to have the skeletal dwarf! I've reposted this on my blog. Here's hoping they make it to 80k!

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