Sunday, July 1, 2012

Orc Navy Blood Bowl Team: Troll & Goblins Finished

Awhile back I showed the completed conversions for an Orc Blood Bowl team with a Navy Sailor theme I am donating for the Wounded Warrior charity for the Atlantic Coast Charity Cup.

I'm almost done with the team, and thought I'd show the Troll and the Goblins who are done.

Here they are:

The team will be given away as a prize,a full 16 player team with 3 tokens and a carrying case.

I wish I was going to the tournament, I wouldn't mind a chance to win the team myself, I'm already getting attached to them ;)

If you have time for some Blood Bowl on July 14th, and can get to Virginia, you should head over there- tons of prizes, good cause and lots of fun Blood Bowl!

More on this team to come soon. 


Mr. Lee said...

Looking good so far.. too bad Virginia is a bit far for me to travel..

The whites really came out nice. What colors are you using for them, as they seem to be hints of grey/blue.. Gobbo skin looks fantastic also! Upside of doing 16 guys versus 600 I guess ;)

Clint said...

Excelent. Not a blood bowl player myself but would still love to see them in the flesh! Thanks for showing them.

Chris said...

They look great, I could see those goblins singing "New York, New York!".

Michael Awdry said...

Awesome! They have really turned out well; I can see why you're getting attached to them.

styx said...

That is just too flipping cool!

Right Stuff Reilly said...

They look Great Mate!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks everyone
I appreciate the feedback :)

The white uses some Vallejo ModelColor Pale Bluegrey and the VGC wolf & ghost grey and white.

Chris:Funny to imagine singing & dancing goblins. :)

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