Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pterodactyls of Mars

So I'm realizing I didn't give the Archidon of Skorne his own update, so I'm rectifying that now.
Painting has been slow this past week or more, a combination of the brutal heat wave and that somehow at some point, though it's hard to see how I wouldn't have noticed it at the time, an elephant came into my bedroom while I was sleeping, grabbed me by the right wrist with his trunk and swung me around and around, over his head to the tune of 8-G's.  My shoulder felt dislocated and in constant pain for a good long time, so the brushes were silent.  Damn ninja elephants.

But I have a Pterodactyl of Mars to show, so let's get back to the point of this.

I am crazy about this sculpt.  He's just great in my opinion.  Not overly detailed with details for the sake of details. I could also see him making a great monsterous mount for a Goblin. I'd love to have a goblin warlord riding this guy.  Unfortunately the Mantic Kings of War Goblin army doesn't have a flying monster, but doesn't mean he couldn't sub in for a giant or something like that.
Coming at you!
The height of the rock formation helped out a lot- it gets his wingspan away from the other minis on the table.

He was a surprisingly fast paint job, after a base coat, the blending went very fast.
The traditional light underneath and darker above: nature's fighter planes.
Somewhere below is his target.

In the game, he's more of a 'medium' beast than a true heavy.  He only get's one attack, but he's cheap, and the chance to have a good 'critical pitch' to throw your victim across the battlefield is very fun.

He should find a lot of use for Skorne, fantasy skirmish, or VSF Mars.

Who says there can't be Pterodactyls of Mars?  If there are spiders, there can be pterodactyls.



Mr. Lee said...

Great paint job here mate.. very nice.. and the blending is great.

Agreed that a goblin on it would be great.. maybe a stand in for Orc on Wyvern.. goblin edition ;) Something to look into :)

Michael Awdry said...

Oh goodness me that is insanely good! I love it!!!

Brummie said...

That is an awesome paintjob on an awesome mini well done

e-p said...

Lovely wings!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :) Much appreciated!

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