Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Basilisk Honeymoon

I don't know if they wanted to share these with the public, but since Anne asked, the newlywed couple, Mr. & Mrs. Basilisk agreed to put up some pictures of their honeymoon.

If you missed their introduction update, it is here.

The Basilisks got many nice wedding gifts, nicest was from their master, Dominar Rasheth.  Well, to be more precise, it was from Domina Rasheth, who will have her own introduction here soon. The Basilisks decided to make good use of the funds and gift cards from Domina Rasheth, for when her husband finds out he's likely to have some Basilisk hide slip-covers made for his pillows.

(click pictures for larger)

First the couple went to Paris, city of love:

Then they popped over to Rome:

So Romantic!  No tourists?  Well, a hungry traveling couple has to eat...

Next they went to the ultimate monument to love, the Taj Mahal:

And finally for some silly fun, they went to Disneyland:

Many complaints were lodged at the Disneyland Hotel that night:

But it seems the pictures they took that night are too explicit even for the internet, and have been censored.
Just as well I suspect.



Zerloon said...

Lol, happy wedding!!

Michael Awdry said...

Brilliant! We can expect to hear the patter of tiny feet soon then? That said to Basilisks have feet? ;)

Dana ♥ said...

This made me chuckle :] May they live a long and happy life together!

styx said...

That was a scream!

Anne said...

Thank you Ferret! You know it wouldn't surprise me if this Basilisks love story didn't wind up in your top ten most viewed posts.

I'm picturing Klingon style lovemaking from these two. God help the maid that has to clean the room in the morning!!

Laughing Ferret said...

Glad you all enjoyed :)

-I think the maid would get mistaken for room service, and be eaten ;)

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