Monday, July 23, 2012

The People Have Spoken and a New Leader is Chosen

The Poll I put up for voting on which mini I'd use for 'Baldur' for my Circle army in the next Journeyman League closed and the winner is clear.

The Enigma mini was selected with over 50% of the votes cast: a clear mandate.

Ready to put the enemies of nature between a Rock and a Hard Face. 

I did like the suggestion about giving him a hammer, but I think I'll keep the weapon as it is, more of a slightly-modified chunk of nature, like the Wold-constructs he creates.  This army is going to be so far from 'tournament legal' I am not going to even worry that he has a staff instead of a great sword: both look like they have reach, so good enough. 

I do like the other miniatures too, so they'll find a home in Baldur's administration. 

The Celtos druid will be used if I include a 'Blackclad Wayfarer':

I think he's a good fit.  The official mini is too 'over the top' for my taste. A druid doesn't seem like he'd be loaded down with armor or have a 500 pound stone double bladed, double ended great axe.  The Celtos mini's weapon is formidable without being unfathomable, but it makes a good approximation to the concept.

The Rock-elemental-creature from Relics could find a home in the army too. 
I guess I just don't like the big bulky armor plates over robes & lose clothing. It doesn't make sense for one, and seems very 'un-druid-like' as well. I picked up several smaller rock-creatures from Relics to use as Druids- though I may not run them in the army if I go with the tier list, since at 35 pts you can't squeeze them in unless you go very beast light, which kind of defeats the purpose of this army for me. But if they see play this guy will be their unit attachment (a special leader). 
What better magic wielder unit for a rock-army than a unit of rock-people? 

Thanks again to those who voted in the Poll, and I'll be letting you know how Baldur's Boulders get on.  

And if you followed over to the Stonehaven Dwarves Kickstarter I liked to a few days ago, they've been going strong and just cleared the latest $95,000 stretch goal, they'll be making a nice troll for the dwarves to fight, and not a bad price at $12 to add on.  
Did I add one to mine?  Me? A big fan of Trolls? Well... I couldn't say no.

43 hours left at time of posting!


The Angry Lurker said...

Nice figure, can't remember what I picked but then that's my age!

styx said...

Where did the big rock guy come from? I want to get him if he is not too expensive...make a nice earth elemental.

Anne said...

Not strictly "tournament legal", I like that. You're such a rebel Ferret!!

If the Hubby wouldn't cleave my head from my shoulders I'd get in on that kickstarter. I'm still a novice at hiding my purchases from the spouse. The troll is calling to me.

Anne said...

I bought the box set!! I couldn't help myself really, I'll never get this many 28mm dwarves at this price. And the best thing of all is that I checked out using Amaon. (the letter that comes after Y in the alphabet is broken on my computer). I can tell the Hubby I bought some crap for the house and he'll never know I bought more minis!!!

Laughing Ferret said...

Fran: That's the one you said you liked most

Styx: which rock guy? the one from Relics, that I'll use as the Druid Overseer (which is a 'Vaettir Vstonin from Relics), or do you mean the big rock construct posing with Baldur? If the big rock guy, that's one I sculpted myself.

Anne: Congrats on getting the dwarves! Hide it in Amazon... convenient! If you make your pledge $12 more (or $15 if you want it shipped separately& not delay the dwarves) then you can add the Troll. You just make the pledge the amount more then the reward choice, and after it closes they ask and you say what you want to spend the extra money on.

Brummie said...

Good Choice the double headed weapons for me where always IMO for Half orcs or Barbarian/berserker types

Michael Awdry said...

Well although not my choice he will certainly look pretty spectacular when you get to grips with him. I love the idea that it won't be entirely 'tournament legal'! Just proving that all things are open to interpretation. Really looking forward to the updates.

Pat Hatt said...

The rock guy is awesome, all are great but really liked him.

Jay said...

Big Rock rocks!

styx said...

The big guy you sculpted...I usually can ID what most minis are...that one had me going, whuh? Great work.

Alfrik said...

Couple of comments, Tournament legal collections are a Bore, everyone shows up with the same figures painted differently, whereas a force comprised of same points/weapon etc are a breath of fresh air.

Rock guy must have had the "intimidation" factor toned down or he might be sporting some real stones........

2 handed weapons are prefered over sword and board.......not many people like the challenge of painting a shield.....besides it hiding some of the figure its protecting.........Though, I think, done up Staffs are better than a Sword.

Laughing Ferret said...

Brummie: I agree- even for them I was never much of a fan of double-bladed weapons.

Michael & Alfrik: That's how I see it too. Different has a value all it's own. If I can find or convert different minis than 'standard' then it makes it more *mine*.

Jay & Styx & Pat: Thank you! I'm really proud of the rock sculpts, simple sculpts maybe, but they came out just how I imagined them.

Mr. Lee said...

Yay glad that the engima model won, its the one that I picked too ;)

Also happy to see that you found ways to put the others into the army also. Seems like this will be a more showcase liked faction instead of a tournament killer..

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