Monday, July 16, 2012

Apes and Artifacts: Empire of the Dead Battle Report

Friday we met for some games of Empire of the Dead.  This time Lord Greystoke and his followers were once again trying to track down the illusive artifacts that were rumored to be hidden in the countryside.  All previous rumors had been revealed false, but never let it be said that James Clayton, Lord of Greystoke, is anything but thorough and persistent! Unfortunately, word of the artifact had reached the ears of Her Highness of the Hinterland Hussies.  It seems they were going to press a claim for the valuable antique and try to discover it first!

The map lead to the ruins of a medieval town, where once a tower stood, and the remains of a graveyard and crumbling stone walls that marked the location of long-gone wooden homes.
As dawn broke the two rival forces approached from opposite directions.

John Clayton, in anthropoid form has grown stronger and more dangerous as time has passed, and his sidekick, Alphie the Ape has increased in formidable nature as well.  With them were two apes, and the household staff and Sergeant York, all with tranquilizer guns (bows).  

The Housefraus had all manner of impressive firearms, though only the President and Vice President appeared to have swords, though the smell of silver was in the air, and this metal had a strange reaction with the physiology of Alphie and Lord Greystoke, it interferes with the nexus of integrated life in a manner that Greystoke has yet to overcome.  

The women took cover in positions at a large old tree and the crumbling walls.  Some others of their party went to the graveyard to search there for the artifact.  One ape went around the south end of the tower, to seek a possible location of the artifact on the other side, but from this longer route he'd be safe from gunfire. 
Staff took cover at a wall and readied their own, weaker guns, while Greystoke searched a location that revealed nothing.  York prepared to give covering fire as Alphie waited at the wall to catch his breath before a charge across the open ground. 

At the Graveyard one of the women pried up a great stone of the step and there found an old box, with something inside wrapped in oilcloth.  They had no time to investigate their find further however, as Milly the maid ran to threaten them.  The Hinterland Ladies were non-pulsedat this, having their attention now fully fixed upon the rampaging ape and ape-man crossing the graveyard at great speed down upon them.

They opened fire, but the bullets had no apparent affect on the bestial man.  
While a firefight broke out to the west, ending when Alphie reached the Hinterland Officers, and soon bringing down the Vice President, while the Butler Woodhouse landed a sharp tranquilizer dart into the President, the most important action was taking place at the graveyard.

Greaystoke laid low the woman who held the artifact he sought, while Cecil the Ape leapt from the wall to block any retreat they might have. One woman did try to run, but Cecil caught her, pummeling her senseless.  
Milly and a soldier exchanged blows and heated words.  Greystoke scooped up the box and the two remaining Hinterland Hussarettes at the tree hurried off in the distraction. 


I'd lost only one ape, who had strength reduced by 1, while the Hinterlanders lost 5 of 7, with 2 miss next games, 2 with -1 strength and 1 with -1 movement.  Not a great result for them, but not as bad as deaths would have been.  But with only removing 1 of mine and just 2 left on the field, they did not make much cash to speak of.  On the other hand, with a win, removing 5 of them and left with 7 on the field I made a lot of cash.  The artifact turned out to be Garlic Grenades.  Not a very impressive artifact, but useful against the Vampires. 

We'll likely be doing a restart the next time we play.  Having caught a couple mistakes in game play, and some people with more games than others, a reset seems in order to get a level playing field.  It is a lot of fun to advance a warband, to see them get better, get new skills and increase abilities, and since the game is fun at any level it won't be bad to start the Greystoke Apes again.  


The Angry Lurker said...

That's a good batrep, good black and white effect as well....

Mr. Lee said...

Love the photos, and nice rep!
Cool on the restart too.. just means that you can be better next time around as you now know what works and what didn't ;)

Brummie said...

Great AAR and pics, Waiting for my figs to come in the post :(

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