Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blood Bowl Tallyboard Sideline Minis

I've had this idea for awhile: Sideline minis for Blood Bowl teams with Tally Boards to show Turn and Score.

I finally had a chance to try it out.

The guy on the left is showing the turn.  Guy on the right is showing score- I decided right before making it to make it a double-board so that the entire score could be shown. I figure he walks around, since some stadiums may be too big & crowded for everyone to see the score board, and some may be too small and cheap to even have one- or it's been pelted with so many Big Moot Sandwiches the score isn't easy to read!

Numbers are painted imprecisely on purpose.  Maybe for an Elf team I'd want to aim for neat & crisp, but not for most teams. For Orcs I might even need to throw an occasional backwards number in ;)

I started by clipping their weapons, drilling and using brass rod for the pole. Secured at the back with plastic tube brackets, the board is made from plasticard.  Add metal hooks for the number-boards, which are made from thinner plasticard.

Shot from the back

"Showing Turn is more Important!"
"No, Score is..."

Quite a luxury token, but I'll be looking for appropriate miniatures to convert for my teams in the future,
I'm quite liking these!

Apparently, having a job that involves just pointing out information on a sign is a time honored position:

Thanks girls, never could have understood that chart otherwise...

What a great way to honor this vital role by having miniatures for your team to do the job  ;)


Lobo said...

very fun and nice idea!

Michael said...

niceeeee :)
love to see them in action :)

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