Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now I know my ABC's...

Elizabeth of ElizabethMueller Blog (link in the picture of the award to the left) was nice enough to make this happy Zebra and give it to all who made it through the challenge.  Thanks Elizabeth!

I always wondered what that comment on Bad Dice Podcast for Unseen Lurker Magazine was on about with "and even an occasional Zebra"  .. well, now I have my very own occasional zebra! or "zeh-bruh" ;) 

Looking back on the challenge there were times when I knew exactly what I'd want the letter to be, other times when I had 2,3, or 5 things I'd have liked to do... and a few letters that were real stumpers. 
And with the help of Paul 'Mr.Bod' I even got the letters in the correct order!  

I also got to review and showcase a few of my favorite companies and miniatures-lines. 

Overall, it was a lot of fun- sometimes you need a commitment to motivate you to stir up ideas. 

Often I'd think something like 'oh, finally an entry that will be short'.. but no, usually I'm a wordy git with too many ideas and opinions to be overly brief. 

About 19 people joined to follow the blog over the course of April, which I was very happy to see!
Also, I'm getting visited by people from all over the world.  Since I love to travel, but of course don't have the time or money to travel as much as I'd like to, seeing that I got visitors from far off countries is always a bit of a thrill.. Sometimes it's a place I've been before which is great since it brings back memories of being in these places, like most of Western Europe, or Russia, Turkey, Finland- I've even been to China twice and I've had visits from there too. And then I see visits from places I haven't been to yet: Poland, Estonia, Serbia, Australia, NewZealand, Brazil, India.. and I think how I want to go to these places too!  

So feel free to leave a comment, even if it's just to say hi- it is almost vicarious travel!

I don't know if I'll find the time or have ideas to post every day like I did in April, but I'll be posting whenever I have something fun to share, or when I just feel like blithering on a bit. 

If you made it through them all, you're made of pretty sturdy stuff!
Curious: which entry did you enjoy the most?

Thanks everyone for making the A-Z challenge fun to do!


Paul´s Bods said...

I´ve just thought up a new challenge. The 300..THIS IS SPARTA!!!! challenge. You have to post for 30 days have 6 days off and then do the next 30 and so on....sound good? ;-D
Seriously, it was fun. I found a couple of interesting blogs, yours included.

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