Sunday, May 1, 2011

Undead Recyclers & Impact shoulder pads

I'm working on two different undead teams currently: an undead & a necromantic team.
I really enjoy making undead teams: so much conversion possibilities, and yet I've never made one for me!
After getting a start on this first one I think I'll have to make a similar team for myself someday, I'm really liking it.

The team has a recycler theme: a poor necromancer bribes security after matches to cart off the dead players until he can make his own team.  Here are some of the players so far:

The human zombies. Despite that most people don't play human teams in blood bowl, I imagine many teams that play are human teams, so there would be many humans dead & available for recruitment.. also, think of all the trampled fans!  Those bodies can be reanimated and be a walking tackle-zone as good as any other.

The non-human zombies: elf, goblin, beastman.  One corpse is much like another, no agility bonuses, no strength difference when power comes from reanimation magic overcoming inertia, and horns? zombies don't move fast enough to get any benefit from it.  So just characterful looking zombies for the sake of something different.

Ghouls are a different sort however, and unconscious skaven can be abducted and infected with ghoul-blood.  It's surprising how readily they take to their new life.. unlife.. something in between? well, they move fast and can handle the ball, that's all we need to know.

The magics and rituals to turn a corpse into a wight is a far more costly mater. Which is why teams can only afford to have two.  Plus they need to be the corpses of more talented players.  The fellow on the left was a norse blitzer in life, and the one on the right a human blitzer, given decent armor, it's an investment that the necromancer hopes will pay off because he had to take a loan out against the winnings of his first match.. so play well wights!

The mummies are still to come- working on those conversions, so will update later.

You might have noticed the shoulder pads.

These are a new product from Impact!.

In the picture above you can see them on the sprue, then two of them removed from sprue and cleaned up on the right.
They have embossed numbers 1-16.
I was pleasantly surprised at how adaptable they are. When I first looked at them I thought they'd be good for most miniatures, but some might not work.  I was worried they'd not work on the Mantic ghouls because the arm & shoulder is so thin.  But it wasn't a problem. Just file the inside of the shoulder pad a bit with a round file until it's thinned just a bit, and bend the edges of the shoulder pad slightly to make a tighter curve, and presto: fits great.

Normally I make shoulder pads from green stuff, but I wanted to try these out and I quite like them.
To get the whole team above to match I even used them on the wights- which are GW human blitzers and have shoulder pads already but they fit nicely over the existing shoulder pad!

I'll update for the mummies and when the team is painted.  


Paul´s Bods said...

They don´t even get extra advantage for looking so scarey!? The non-human zombies: elf, goblin and beastman. They would make me drop anything I was holding and run away!!!

Tristan said...

Any sort of zombie would be enough to make me run.
But the models look really nice. The story behind them is the necromancy that brings them alive.


Elizabeth Mueller said...

We did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

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