Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is in a Name? pt.2

So awhile back I talked about naming your blood bowl team: the ins & outs, and my preferences about it all.

Tonight we had a skirmish game on Venus in the VSF campaign, where there was a tontine alliance between the off-world nations, each sending an investigator (and some support flunkies) to journey into an ancient underground complex, expecting danger and discovery of ancient technology.

Sending 'sparks' was encouraged: think creative genius, though for those who don't have such characters they could bring an officer, big game hunter or an explorer.

More on the event later, but for now I just wanted to focus on the naming of characters.  Especially in a skirmish, almost RPG minis game, naming characters can be a lot of fun and add to their personality. Sure, they don't roll better, but it's fun and while I have run across some gamers who seem to think they're 'too cool' to name their characters and the like, I really have to wonder why they're pushing painted minis around if they're so self conscious ;)  It being a bit dorky is all part of the fun & appeal if you ask me.

So on to the names.
I didn't catch all of the names, but here's a few:

My own, a Quar explorer, was Corporal Boodz Vohzik.
Phoenetically, his name is the first part of the phrase for 'be healthy' when you sneeze, and then the word for hedgehog, both in Belarusian.  He has this name because he's curious & appealing like a hedgehog, possibly a bit dangerous to be around, and in need of well wishes, since he's often causing disasters.

Olaf Holstein-Gottorp was the spark for the Swedish expedition.  An historical name rooted in Swedish nobility, so it is highly appropriate.

Francois Michel-Adieu was the explorer who stepped up for the French.  Despite his name 'Adieu', he only ran off once- away from danger but to stir up trouble in other spots.  What is a a good French dancer name? Because he turned out to be an accomplished dancer.. stay tuned for the battle report if that makes you curious.

The all British-jewish Disraeli Army force sent their spark, Meshugener Golem-macher. An ideal name for a mad genius, since it essentially means 'crazy automaton-maker'.  Though in the game he proved he wasn't the brightest inventor, and more interested in charging forward blindly into danger... but that still leaves his first name as perfectly descriptive.

And there was the Prussian spark, who's name was, in German, 'the Red Skull', as he was a dead ringer for the comic character. I have a passing familiarity with German, enough that I recognized the name, but not enough to recall the words now. But you get the idea.

Look for a battle report soon!

I can't think of naming characters without thinking of this classic on the subject from MST3K.
This has a wealth of awesome & funny names for 'all brawn-no brains' action heroes.

Watch the movie and enjoy!  You'll be rewarded with a score of great amusing names for heroes.


Anonymous said...

That was one of my favorite MST episodes. I especially loved their commentary when the hero tosses the guy with the cane into a pit and sets him on fire.

- Dev

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