Thursday, May 5, 2011

Supporting Characters for Phobosian Quar

Despite being extremely busy, I managed to squeeze a bit of time in while projects were drying, green stuff setting etc and between 1am-2am for a touch of hobby time.

The Venus campaign is punctuated with occasional skirmish games, to break up the 'big picture' plotting and large army combats. I think it is a great idea, though I had to miss the first one.  This next one though I plan to make.  It involves an alliance of all the exploring nations: each sends a great mind or intrepid and capable fellow with a handful of supporting flunkies.  The choice of character type is:

-Spark (genius, or mad genius)
-Big Game Hunter
-Military Officer

I haven't been so lucky yet to roll up a Spark (required 12 on 2d6). Each has their own inherent advantages & disadvantages, plus you can tailor them further.

My banners do have the other 3 character types, so I'm leaning toward either a Big Game Hunter or Explorer
(if I can finish painting it).

Ashley Alten: Daughter of famous archaeologist Archibald Alten. Her uncle is a diplomat in the British service on expedition to Venus, and pulled strings to have her assigned after her father's death in Africa.  Ashley was born and raised in Kenya and is quite capable, something her uncle finds completely unacceptable. Therefore she has left the British expedition and joined the Quar as a mercenary. The Quar do not completely comprehend the nuances of earth men culture, but they gathered her leaving had something to do with the length of her protein strands... no matter, they appreciate her abilities with her elephant gun and can put her to good use.

Boodz Vohzik and Volosatik: Corporal Vohzik is a clever fellow.  Too clever for his own good says some of his commanding officers. He's a curious sort who's always volunteering for scouting missions and is always tinkering in the shops of the motor pool.  "If it weren't for his tendency to blow things up he might have made major by now", said Captain Glyt. "As for his new weapon, it's not approved of course, but so long as he points it away from me and takes it far away on his next excursion I am not inclined to pursue the matter". As for little Volosatik, he's been following Vohzik since he returned from his last scouting mission. Seems harmless enough and fiercely loyal.


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