Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quar Heavy Walker: Tidebreaker 34

In year 34 AB the Royal Phobosian Department of Destructive Science at M.I.T (Military Institute of Technology) finalized plans for what would become known as the Tidebreaker.

Automaton walkers proved very useful in supporting trench warfare but the computational deviation device could not handle the amount of decisions needed for more complex conditions of city fighting.  Additionally, the Army required ever bigger machines capable of navigating dense rubble, which the tanks sometimes struggled with.

The result was the Tidebreaker 34, or T-34 for short.
Proven reliable under the harshest of conditions, the T-34 is loved by brigades lucky enough to secure one.
The intense heat of the boiler required to power the Tidebreaker can make serving as crew a mixed blessing, compensated only by the pride of being a T-34 tanker.

Field Marshall Nyklay is a strong supporter of the Royal Phobosian Light Expeditionary Force mission to Venus.
He was moved by a letter he received, without proper channels, by a Corporal Vohzik of the RPLEF motor pool and his fervent belief in the T-34 having potential as an asset in jungle fighting.  It took time under the B.I.D.B.I (Break It Down & Build It) to reassemble the T-34 from the transport ship, but it is now ready for service.  What is more, it has been fitted with a weapon - the Aether Agitator Projector- powered by an ancient device found in a Cytherian ruin, adding to it's fortitude.

The motorpool has dubbed this T-34 with the name 'Yetik' as it is customary to give the machines personal names, for luck.

When equipped with conventional cannon:

T-34 Yetik arrayed for battle against the 'Tek-sans' from the Blue Planet.


The Angry Lurker said...

Simply beautiful.

Paul´s Bods said...

Brilliant! I´ve tried to work out which bits you have used...sherman firefly and...then I got no further:-D

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Angry Lurker! This was actually a 'speed painting' job but I'm really happy with the results.

Paul: Bits aren't anything so complicated actually, I didn't do much to it. It's a Dust Tactics allied walker. I took a gas can off (looked too modern) and moved the spot light to it's place, added a big boiler exhaust, cut the hatch so it could open, glue in support and a magnet inside so I could add a Quar tanker, and then used a bit from an Eldar tank to make the alien weapon swap.

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