Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quar Airships pt.2

The Quar of Phobos have been fighting the long war against Demos for a dozen generations.
But this is not their only threat.  Often their world is raided by various nations and pirates of Barsoom who hope to take advantage of the preoccupied Phobosians.

The Quar are far from defenseless to these attacks however, and in fact make raids for supplies against Barsoom themselves when the need arises. The minds at the Military Institute of Technology have been studying the airships of Barsoom by way of captured vessels. These have been repaired and put into service as scouts by various front line armies as well as being vital to raid and reconnaissance missions to Barsoom.

Naturally of course, some of these airships were requisitioned by the Royal Phobosian Light Expeditionary Force on mission to Venus.

These proved enormously successful in the battle against the Tek-sans of the Blue Planet.

Each light flier has a crew of two, one to pilot and one to man the heavy shotgun, which is equipped with both solid slug and scatter shot, making it ideal against enemy armor, or for clearing the deck crew of enemy airships.

One of the recent successful raids brought back a 6 man Gunboat Airship.

It is only a matter of time before the mechanics in the motor pool have this beauty modified for the requirements to add to the Quar Aerocorps.


TimHerr said...

very cool work! Keep it up.

Lobo said...

nice one!!

Impcommander said...

OH MY GODS. That's super awesome

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