Friday, October 5, 2012

Apes Ambushed by Gypsy Pirate Wenches! EotD Report

James Clayton, the Lord of Greystoke, had heard that the coastal village of Dreary Bluff might have a clutch of artifacts and curiosities, so he dispatched Alphie and the apes to investigate.  Woodhouse would accompany them, in case any arrangements needed to be made, but Maggie was still recovering from the brutal treatment at the hands of dishonorable 'Gentlemen', so the young chimpanzees Bartholomew and Pim would go along as well by way of compensating for her absence.

The intrepid apes split up into small groups, to cover more ground, trying to find any artifacts as quickly as possible in the cold and quiet pre-dawn hours,before any villagers might wake.
But the morning was not as empty as they'd thought- a roving band of Gypsy Pirate Wenches were also out seeking plunder!
The apes surged forward, trying to reach the disguised markers before the unscrupulous women.
The apes advanced using the cover of the homes as best they could, for the wenches opened fire!
That is one way to keep villagers in their homes I suppose.
The secreted markers were within the reach of the apes, but still the women came on, preceded by shots!
At the south end, an Ape and Pim were the most exposed, and stumbled as both were shot!
Woodhouse and a house-ape intercepted two of the violent women, while others searched the marker.
Meanwhile, Alphie and the primates in the center dispatched two of the gunwomen. 
That accomplished, Alphie charged the leader of the Pirates!  
Seeing this, she called for retreat and they ran off back to their camp.  

A couple apes were injured, but nothing serious. The Gypsy Pirates were not so lucky, having one member die and another lost an eye- well, that's why they have eye patches. 

Unfortunately, the rumors of the artifacts were unfounded.  The apes searched every disguised marker, and there was nothing to be found but dirt.  

Still, it was valuable experience for young Bartholomew and Pim as well as more command experience for Alphie, who is coming into his own, one of the goals of Greystoke being to test the effects of the combined nexus within Alphie, to stimulate it's potential within this new form of being. 


Brummie said...

Awesome mate, Love your AAR and the story that is unfolding with them.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

What I wouldn't give to be ambushed by a couple of gypsy pirate wenches!!!

Great report mate, glad the Apes got away without any serious injuries

Anne said...

I wish Maggie had recovered from her injuries. She'd have made short work of those wenches with her rolling pin.

Bartholomew and Pim conducted themselves well on this outing and deserve a treat. They need some girls for themselves!!

Michael Awdry said...

Excellent work and good to see the young chimps out flexing their muscles, just a shame that there wasn't more booty to be had.

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