Monday, October 29, 2012

Geoffo & Moose: 2 Adventurers Against the World

The Dynamic Duo, the pair of Big & Small, Old & New are finished.
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The halfling is Geoffo Timbershank, a name he earned by losing his leg in the Goblin Wars.

In the thick of the fighting, hard pressed, Geoffo was looking into the snarling face of his own doom.
A nasty goblin, with two wicked blades had cut him many times and just disarmed him, his sturdy broad short sword lying out of reach.  But just then he heard a bellow from one of the Ogre Mercenaries and out out of the corner of his eye he saw an Ogre hatchet lobbed his way.  It was a large and heavy weapon, and Geoffo needed two hands to wield it.  But he did so, and just in time to bury it in the goblin's skull.

The Ogre had problems of his own, dealing with a raging troll.  Both were wounded, but as everyone knows, a wounded troll is not wounded for long.  Geoffo ran to the battling brutes, raised the hatchet high in the air and swung down hard on the troll's foot!  The creature roared in pain, lashing out with a rusty cleaver that sliced Geoffo's leg clean off. But the distraction was just long enough for the Ogre to thrust his battle spear up through the Troll's neck and out the top of his skull.

After the battle, the Ogre went to find out if the halfling had survived.  He had, though it was a close call.

"I thank you for the loan of your axe, Ogre." Geoffo said weakly.

"I'm called Moose," he said, "and I'm grateful I gave it to you.  Keep it."

"Thank you, but I think I'm not well suited to it."  Geoffo replied.

"Hrmmm. Then perhaps you should use the haft for a new leg. It is lucky I think."

From that moment on the two would be inseparable, seeking adventure and battle.


M R Lee said...

Nice pair there mate, and great names for them as well! Congrats!

Clint said...

A very nice pair. I particularly like the ogres trousers! (If I dare say such a thing without it being taken the wrong way!)

Thantsants said...

Love the back story and they are indeed a very smart pair of trousers!

Michael Awdry said...

Love the work on these Sir; what an amazing job. Love the way you have tied the pair together with the livery and as for those weathering effects - wow!

Dan said...

These turned out brilliantly, they really look like a set, a great unifying paint job.

Gareth the Grot said...

As I wrote on LAF, an excellent pairing brilliantly realised.

Jay said...

Excellent work. The freshly removed stitches from the ogre's belly gets the gold medal!

Anne said...

Most excellent Ferret. I like how you tied the two figures together with the blue and the cream.

How did you get the patches of rust on the chainmail?

Anonymous said...

This is great and I really like the background story to round out this neat idea.

Axtklinge said...

What a lovely little piece of fluff you've done for them!
And now that you got our attention, you can start telling us about their adventures and quests travelling in the old world!

Lovely minis and lovely painting, congrats!
By the way (had to ask) did I won anything by baptising the ogre?

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