Thursday, October 25, 2012

PCP vs. Opium: To Boldly Go On Their 2nd Away Mission and Probe Where No Probe Has Gone Before

Stardate: Third Floobalts After the Shaandaar: Captain's Note: Buy Lotto tickets: very lucky day!

Local date: the following Wednesday after the last mission.  Probably a day dedicated to some 'Saint', being one of many dead magic men, but apparently no concept of a Floobalts locally, let alone Shaandaar.

Mission Goal: Find further specimens for the medical lab.  Apparently the gestation feeding duct in this species fuses irreversibly after birth and Doc says he ruined several of the last specimens before realizing this.   Not to worry he says, he's found another entry point that will serve nearly as well.  This species continues to astound us.  Once we have a more complete understanding of their physiology and potential as a species we'll be better able to assess their current development and viability of offering membership into the Pan-galactic Confederation of Planets.  To this end, we have set down in a small village with an expanded team.  Weather continues to be dense with water vapor and devoid of direct light from the star: a truly depressing world.

Our team divided into two groups, to capture the primate species.
Captain Vok, Science Officer Vyoop, 3 tac-ops and the automoticon TVC-15 took the North end while Tag-At-Ot took position on an abandoned dwelling, with 2 of the tac-ops and the engineering team Tibbit & Plon taking the South end.   Scanners showed a group of 8 moving between the dwellings: these were their targets.

The men of the Jade Dragon Emporium, notorious opium importers, made their way through the town after delivering product to a wealthy gentleman. Carrying this much wealth, it was wise to have so many skilled swordsmen, and the two rifles .. one could never be too careful.  The master's sixth sense told him that something was wrong.  Perhaps a rival gang knew of their delivery?  Best to make a quick escape... 

Captain Vok spotted three of the primates hiding in the bushes ahead: they were spotted!  They must capture those creatures at all cost!

Tag-At-Ot spotted the majority of the Earthmen moving through the buildings: as a professional hunter he knew the element of surprise was lost: their presence was known, so he opened fire and downed one of the green-clad men, it wasn't dead but it would give them something to think about.

TVC-15 initiated its weapon, the low hum breaking the still air as a multitude of particle bursts sped out to the primates, shredding holes in one.

The remaining primates moved up and hid in the bushes.  What were they thinking?  We knew they were there.  Doubts about their intelligence were raised... perhaps they are well trained mimics or non-sentient animal servants? At any rate, we'd have to get closer to continue shooting at them now.

Meanwhile, in the denser dwellings, the injured man got up while the other shot at Tag-At-Ot.  It was only a small blob of soft metal, a wound, but nothing serious.  The creatures used the dwellings as cover, trying to escape by a more Southerly route.

Tibbit & Plon and the two Tac-ops made their way around the ruins to attempt to head off the green-clad primates.

One of the targets raised an object above his head and rushed at Red-3, but before he got more than a couple steps past the vegetation, Red-2 interrupted his progress with shots from his Partical Spray Projector.  It dazed the creature.

The crew of the PCP Starship Drowsy Wombat advanced to catch any of the feeling primates: none could escape to spread word of their presence.

Tag-At-Ot continued to down those who carried the long projectile weapons: the only ones who seemed to be a threat at this distance.

Red-2 & Red-3 engaged the attacking creatures in an example of true Tac-op professional training: rapidly hitting the primate with the blunt ends of their particle projectors while squealing in a high pitched cry.
Captain Vok, proud of his combat personnel praised them "That's good! Enough already!"

TVC-15 made for the bridge to bring his high-powered weapon to bear.

They'd bagged and tagged seven of the primates, ready to transport them back to the ship, but one still eluded them.  Three times Tag-At-Ot had shot him and three times he'd got right back up to his feet, yelling loudly in his language, as yet incomprehensible.

"You won't kill me demon!" he cried, "I am Hop Sup, master swordsman!" -This was recorded for later analysis.  Clearly such a dangerous alien required the Captain!  Vok charged in, forcing Tag-At-Ot to hold his shot as the captain's small head and prodigious mid-section obscured his aim.  Pulling out his dueling baton, -which initiates recorded program FS01, an audio play of the fight scene music from the Vel Opera "All My Conquests"- the clash began.  The primate clearly didn't expect an electric charge, nor was his metal weapon a wise choice in such a combat.  Nevertheless Captain Vok insisted on visual stills for his report.

With every one of the green-clad primates now dispatched the crew would head back to the ship, where the medical lab could do a proper evaluation of this species, as well as the many glass containers of opaque white liquid and powder.

Captain's addendum: Did lose one Tac-op member, death was irreversible. Only one!   A very successful mission!


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Another wonderful report! So much character.

I hope the Captain's log enables this planet to be classified "Mostly Harmless"

M R Lee said...

At least they picked on the humanoid species.. I wonder how well they would fare against the Mice or Dolphins?

I think you need to go back to the Apes mate.. you with range is just not far to the opponents! Give your opponents a chance at least!

Anonymous said...

"Apparently the gestation feeding duct in this species fuses irreversibly after birth and Doc says he ruined several of the last specimens before realizing this. Not to worry he says, he's found another entry point that will serve nearly as well."

That is gold right there! Or whatever rare element equivalent is appropriately scarce intergalacticly. Laughed till my cheeks started to hurt!

Anonymous said...

Great report LF. Very entertaining!

Anne said...

A good way to start my day. With a bit of a laugh, a fine looking table and some well written prose. You're a gifted man Ferret, a gifted man.

Michael Awdry said...

Wonderful, love the green! Another great game and great result for PCP.

Brummie said...

LOL Brilliant report again might. Really love this story arc thats being created by you.

Scott said...

Another great report Ferret! I'd love to have a game with you, but your troops are so damn cute, I'd have a hard time killing them ;-) Maybe that was the problem for these fine oriental gentlemen, they just couldn't bring themselves to land a telling blow? ;-)

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks everyone :)

Paul: Well, the crew have yet to face the vampires & werewolves, so still too early to tell.

MrLee: As the only faction I'm running with guns, it is nice to give them a spin ;)

Thanks Battybats! Writing it made me laugh, so glad it did the same to someone else :)

Thanks Squirrel! Liking your icon!

Anne: Thanks! Glad I helped out your morning :) Such kind praise!

Michael: They got quite lucky! Tag-At-Ot almost got shot off that roof,and if the sword-wielding fellows made it to contact it could have gone very differently!

Thanks Brummie! I'm liking how it's unfolding too.. I'm wondering what will happen next

Scott: that'd be fun, and it's all part of my devious plan, try to make the minis nice enough the opponent doesn't want to remove them either, not that that tends to dissuade most ;)

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