Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dinosaurians : W.I.P. Troops & Small Conversion

Slow steady progress on the Prehistoric Pulp project, in the scant moments of free time.

One of the factions for the setting, I'm calling the Styraco at the moment, a bipedal dino people related to the armored-horned dinosaurs, like the iconic Triceratops. These minis are from Hydra Miniatures, and I think they are awesome.  The only problem I could see is that all three of the model types are armed with spears- which on the one hand makes perfect sense - attacking with a spear would come very naturally to a people related to horned dinosaurs- but I wanted a mini that could be identified as a chieftain for the tribe.

So I did a bit of converting on one.

Cutting the spear, change the angle on the hands, add a shield and make a stone axe= chieftain!

Here he is next to one of the others of his original pose.
The shield should help keep him alive longer, so he can direct his hunting party.

And here is his hunting party, ready to be primed and painted.

in the Prehistoric Pulp setting, the Styraco are a moderately peaceful tribe.  They are herbivores, but fiercely territorial.  Unlike some other herbivores they are quick to take offense and see any encroachment on their territory as an attack.  They excel at defensive fighting, but also actively defend their lands with hunting parties: not looking for meat, but to kill or drive away any potential predators. 


Melanie said...

VERY cool! My son approves!!:)

Brummie said...

Nicely done. They will look great when painted

Michael Awdry said...

The peacekeepers of the kingdom then. Lovely little conversion Sir.

Jay said...

Very nice conversion.

Lexa Cain said...

Wow, nice axe-tribal-chief dude! You're really creative. I'd have just painted his clothes and spear different colors from the others. lol

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks everyone :)

Painting clothes a different color can certainly work, but these fellows don't seem to wear any, so something else had to be done ;)

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