Sunday, October 7, 2012

Elvorix: Test Mini for War of Ashes & Muppet Saga

Earlier this year, when attending Kubla Con I visited the Zombiesmith booth, to see the new Quar and got hooked on a new range of miniatures, for 'War of Ashes' which could be described as the Dark Ages: dangerous and brutal, within the world of cute odd creatures.  The faction I was most drawn to is the Elvorix: the protagonist of the setting (though I did get some of the big 'wookie trolls' their rivals use- had too! they're too cool, I can always use them in my army as reformed trolls).

This last week I did squeeze in a bit of time to paint up a mini to test the scheme I had in mind.
He still needs grass on the base, but I think I'm happy with it- I like the colors, and he was very fun to paint. Simple details, lots of character, and I enjoy the dark weathered wood and leather contrasted by brighter orangish fur & turquoise clothing.

War of Ashes is a unit based mass combat game, so I did use square bases. I went with right-angled edge mdf bases: I just prefer them over the beveled bases, so there is more surface area to work with, and when in a unit it has the appearance of solid ground instead of seeing a grid within of base edges.

This is a 20mm base, so you can see the mini is fairly small and delicate. A nice relief from miniatures that crowd and spill over the base and over-burdened with details.

I have a lot of these to paint, but they do paint up quickly.
20 sword & shield like this fellow,
20 with long spears (they rank so the spear attacks from behind the swords and shield wall. (but they also rank nice together if you'd like a pike block look)
16 skirmishers
5 command characters
2 trolls
1 big attack pig

I also have some for adapting them to Saga, where I'd expect to play them as Welsh:
1 warlord (leader & banner on one 25mm base)
8 cavalry: converted sword & shield warriors to ride wild pigs!


Brummie said...

Cool test piece look forward to seeing what else you have in the sidelines for this project.

Anne said...

Very different from other figures I've looked at. Like the color choice as well. Get painting!

M R Lee said...

I like how you have gone with the blue tunic, and orange skin. Unusual but yet fits so great! Nice that you will double them up for ancients also.

Anne said...

Portal Mag is looking for an artist to paint up a 75mm piece and write an article. They provide the mini. I thought you might be interested.

Boromir_and_kermit said...

Cool figures from Zombiesmith once again. Really like these guys.

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