Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PCP Away Mission: Secure Test Subjects

Local Date: Second Solar, Tenth Calendar Month of the year as known 1888.
Location: Sparse settled diaspora of dominant city of focal island, locally known as "Breh-tahn"
Mission: Secure a few of the primary life forms for evalutory medical analysis.
Mission Compliment: Pan-galactic Confederation of Planets starship captain, Vok of the Drowsy Wombat, Science officer Vyoop, Tactical Officer Tag-At-Ot, Engineering team ensigns Tibbit and Plon, Tactical Away Team Force A.
Note: First Officer Bvill refused to report for duty, stating grievance over vacation time, reprimand issued.

The away team landed the scoot in a copse of nearby trees, covered it with bushes then proceeded to the shelters. The crew remarked at the poor visibility once on the ground, it seems this planet has a moderately thick moisture at all times.

A large artificial stone shelter was nearby and as luck would have it, there were two members of the mostly-hairless species walking around it. These would be their first target.

"The mission is simple crew," barked Vok, "grab some of the people of this planet, stun them, and bring them back to the scoot.  Don't be seen by any of the natives, but if you are, bring them down and we will wipe their memories.  It may be that we will become friends with one or more of these species, but until that is known, we operate in stealth."

Shortfield scans indicated the approach of a highly armed group of the same species, though dressed differently.  Vyoop identified them as "Amerkhans" and said the slim file indicated that this offshoot tribe were never without several projectile weapons and should be considered dangerous.

As some of the Tac-ops squad moved to secure the two wandering primates, the rest of the crew moved to investigate the approaching war party. They took cover behind a large vegetation while Tag-At-Ot singled out a target should it be needed.
There was a lone primate near this position, a perfect opportunity for another specimen. Red-3 scanned and will-numbed it.
They were spotted!  How were they seen in such thick wet atmosphere?
The 'Amerkhans' let out a savage war cry, with long whooping calls and piercing cries of  'Yeee haaa'.
Most likely an invocation to their war god.
Loud cracks erupted from their many projectile weapons.
The first hit was Vyoop, who retreated behind the fabricated stone-like wall, which the projectiles could not penetrate.  Their presence could not be reported, so the crew returned fire.  Tag-At-Ot, the consumate hunter, brought two of the creatures down, and the scatter-rays of the Tac-Ops team silenced a few others.
Plon fell from a shot, but it was a minor wound and he regained his footing.

With just a few of the aggressive aliens left, they retreated.
Vok made the command decision to get the three captured primate specimens back to the scoot.
The primary mission was more important than the fleeing aliens, who likely could not have seen their forms clearly in the thick atmosphere anyway.

Once back on the ship, after repairing her wounds Vyoop began the scans on the creatures.
There was much to learn.


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Let the probing begin!...

Love it :-) This crew are just fantastic.

Clint said...

I like your style! Great AAR very characterful.

Michael Awdry said...

We come in peace - and then again maybe not! Great post Sir.

Bill said...

The thick atmosphere thing has never really worked for me either, But I keep hoping. What is your Tac Officer Tag-At-Ot armed with, seems he has the potential for awesomeness. And on top of all that you did not lose any red shirts. Way Cool. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Ferret!

Scott said...

Excellent report, loads of fun!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed it :)

Bill: Tag-At-Ot in the rules is a Vice President of a Gentlemen's club, so he has a good shooting skill-he's armed with a hunting Rifle, which is the most powerful mundane ranged weapon in the game- so he can shoot well (better if he aims) and the strength of the shot is likely to wound. Some of the other characters have some of the special steampunk type weapons- the science officer has a tesla projector (but for her it is a natural part of her biology) a flame template that zaps anyone under it- no damage, but stuns anyone. and the captain has a spirit cannon: random strength (usually high)zapper. The red shirts scatter rayguns are shotguns.

Anne said...

You make life look like fun Ferret. I'm never going to grow up, not if it means giving up playing make believe!

Dig those aliens dude!

Brummie said...

Great Report LF, I love the fun games that you do

M R Lee said...

Loved the report, both the style and how it read! Also great to see that you are STILL experimenting with your game style. Not afraid to try new things and brave new paths!

Oh and the gangs look great, but you already knew that so ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

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