Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Rag-tag Fleet: of Quar

There are those who belief that life exists beyond the nations of Earth. That there are tribes of aliens in the inner, and perhaps outer planets. That some of these, the Quar of the moons of Mars, even now, make their way to the great moon of Earth, seeking safety, and to plunder resources for their very survival.

Gaming continues for Empire of the Dead but on the horizon is the next miniatures project: a return to a VSF campaign.This time the location switches from Venus, to nearer Earth's territory: the Moon.  Alfrik has been compiling ideas for the campaign, which will have not only army-scale fighting in 28mm but he's got plans for aeronef (airship) fleet action battles as part of the campaign.  I'm a sucker for anything with ships: spaceships, airships & navies, so this sounds good to me!  Nations of Earth, and my Quar of Phobos,will be staking out claims on the Moon, negotiating, plotting and waging battles.  When will this be?  Not sure exactly, but it's just over the horizon.

-It's continued to be a very very bad week for me, so have had low motivation to do anything for myself, just working on the finishing stages of the Genestealer Cult, but nothing ready to show on it yet, so not a lot of new stuff to share.  So seems a good time to introduce the air-navy of Phobos!

I bought these last year when BrigadeModels UK was having a sale, and I added a couple ships from Shapeways.

(click for larger)

I don't know yet what the campaign will require for number of ships or ship types, but this feels like a good fleet compliment. The majority of the fleet is from the Argentina fleet. I chose them for 2 reasons:
1. British & French fleets,while cool, seem to be pretty popular and I wanted something different.
2. I love the big round shapes incorporated into these ships.  It seems right, considering Quar have big round bellies, or 'puzik' as I tend to call it, having picked up the Russian word since it is far cuter.  but the ships also still have pointed noses,again, just like Quar! Perfect!
Speaking of Russian, the round vessel with 4 guns is a Russian 'aerial battery' which fits in nicely with the round midsections of the Argentinian fleet: just right for Quar.

I added aircraft: some large bombers and fighter squadrons.
I used this basing method once before for space ship fighters, and like it a lot. You get a lot of variety with the individual wire stands.
The carrier model is from Shapeways, and I imagine this is one of the vessels that is space-worthy.
The rest of the fleet is carried or towed by space-haulers to deposit the airfleet into a planet's (or moon's) gravitational field.

Some close-ups: (click for larger)

 I'm afraid I don't remember the name of the shapeways artist or the name of the piece.  But there are a lot of nice items on that site.

The carrier is the flagship, though the one battleship would be pretty significant.

Hopefully this fleet will be battling the verminous humans, who's gluttony is unsatisfied with the most resource-rich planet in the system:  it's time for the other peoples to push them back, contain them and harvest their fair share from the planets and moons of the sun they share in common!

For Phobos!

Inspiration for all rag-tag fleets...enjoy!


Thomas said...

A nice fleet!

Think it'll look even more impressive, when finished.


Brummie said...

Thats a great looking air armada there. Look forward to seeing these painted up as well as what genestealer coolness appears next.

Anonymous said...

Looking awesome!

I definately see your point with the bases that really adds a lot to the look of the whole fleet. It's that kind of addition that can really enrich a game experience while playing.

Go Quar!

M R Lee said...

Nice fleet assembled there.. and looking forward to seeing more of this new campaign as it gets going!

Spacejacker said...

Those look like a lot of fun.. Very imaginative. Here's hoping next week brings you some joy.. I could use a little myself.

Anne said...

That's a nice looking fleet you've got assembled there Ferret. You're tastes are so eclectic and I never know what to expect when I visit you-that's a good thing btw.

Michael Awdry said...

I can see this project becoming wonderfully addictive; looking forward to seeing it progress.

ColKillgore said...

Are the fighters from shapeways or brigade games? I have been wanting some fighters to add to my Sky Galleons of Mars games.


Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :)
These should be fun to paint.

Anne: eclectic is right.. my abused bank account can attest to that ;)

Thanks Spacejacker: a slight bump in good situation, will see if it holds. Hope you get an upswing in happiness too.

ColKG: the fighters (and bombers too) are Brigademodels. I did pick up some fighters on shapeways, nice but think they're a bit too small, or at least so if I use them both, so I'll stick with these- I love the rounded fighter wings.

Alfrik said...

They look a billion percent better than the motley collection of popsicle stick ships Im scrapping together :)

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