Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flight of the Alien Infested Valkyries

... well, Vendettas actually, but 'Flight of the Vendettas' doesn't have the same ring to it.

Here are two of the three aircraft for the Genestealer Cult.
They are 'Vendettas' which are upgraded Valkyries: they have lots of lascannons.
It's a Forgeworld upgrade kit. I had no issues or problems with it- well, the side lascannon doesn't fit right into the armor cup, but it's easy enough to trim it to fit.
Hard not to want a laser cannon.

I did these on the same theory as the Sentinels: the infesting Alien DNA has grown into the host vehicle and is incorporated into it, making it an extension of itself.  I used Zoanthropes for this, since I liked their heads: the long narrow head matched the long narrow cockpit of the aircraft perfectly.

click for larger:
Plenty of infestation growing over the craft.  I used the back-vent breathers from the Zoanthrope and placed them at the joint of the wings.  I imagine this creature has it's internal parts stretching through the vehicle.
Kind of inspired from the new Battlestar Galactica, how Cylon raiders are organic creatures with an inorganic outer shell.  Flying hermit crabs with lasers.  Good fun.
Top view. 

Second of this style:
Same basic style, but with details different enough to tell them apart.  
The client didn't want any battle damage or weathering, and it was fun to paint these 'clean' using these colors

Because of shipping I didn't attach the clear flight stand to the base, but I wanted the bases to match the style of the army. Not completely covered in infestation however: I figure the infantry -some of which stand on only alien organism and some on rock with organic details, I'd go for rocks & ashen ground, with similar alien infestation, for the big bases.  

If you ever see such things on the ground and rocks, maybe while camping or hiking, don't investigate, just run! 

Only one more update for this army: next will be the centerpiece! 

Classic.. enjoy!


M R Lee said...

Great work on them mate. Waiting now for the centerpiece!!!! The WIP shots of it were fantastic, and the colors on these are great, so I know it will be epic! Enjoy the weekend!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Play it Loud!

Great job. I too am waiting for that centrepiece!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't play WH40K but are you actually allowed to use this piece in game?

Brummie said...

Love these mate. Fantastic conversion work.

styx said...

Damm, award winning work there mate!

Melanie said...

I like. And if ever I were to run into something like that in nature, I would absolutely run as fast as I could!

Peter Ball said...

Lovely work!

Anne said...

Very cool Ferret. Love the way you've got the alien DNA crawling through it.

I'm really looking forward to seeing that centerpiece of yours.

Hey, I picked up another little monster to go with your character. That gives you four "offspring". You know you're the goat, but I also have a Dark Sword figure that is you here it is.

Michael Awdry said...

I think I like these even more than the previous post, just wonderfully disease ridden conversions!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all! Happy to have the feedback :) I'm about to put up the last update, so the wait for the last piece is over- I couldn't resist saving it for last.

R.gers: Yep, 40k now has aircraft for every army I think. I see a lot of them on the tables at the gamestore of people playing 40k, so either they are good in the game or people just want to put the models on the table- or both. I like the look of the ork fightabomba best- very fun, but I'm biased: I like orks.

Melanie: that's good! means Darwinism is strong in you ;)

Anne: I love that wizard! what a beautiful sculpt.

Thanks Michael, I wanted to give them their moment in the spotlight, because, to my mind anyway, the next one eclipses them. On to him...

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic LF!

jugger said...

Very damn cool!!!

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