Monday, November 12, 2012

"Art is War and You are All My Prisoners" - Charles Schultz

O.K., Charles Schultz never said that- or then again, maybe he did but he was never quoted as saying it- authentically anyway.  But a great friend of mine often used that quote, when speaking about art, attributing it to Charles Schultz which has never failed to crack me up.  Fun stuff.

Creating fake quotes, or using quotes inappropriately is a lot of fun.  Back in the early neolithic when my group of friends used to have parties all the time, I used to sneak quotes in on the party fliers, one of my favorite being "Sleek, sexy entertainment!" - Newsweek, David Ansen.  Again: fun stuff.

What am I yammering on about?

The voting for the 'Dynamic Duo' painting contest on The Warhammer Forum ended, and my Halfling & Ogre didn't win. I did get a very respectable second place however, so "I'll get you Red Baron!" might be appropriate. But what actually stirred the memory of this misquote was a clever fellow on the forum took the winning picture, of two Imperial Guardsmen, and made a speaking & thought bubble for them, so people could have fun and a bit of competition to put words in their mouth.  Yet again: Fun Stuff.

Go here to see What were they thinking?

If you feel like putting words in their mouth, you can download the blank picture below, use a program to type in words and post it up the forum!

Click for larger: 

and my idea of what they are thinking:

So go on, have some fun with it :) 

In other news, just been several days of long work hours. 
The Genestealer Cult army is finished, other than the flyer bases and gloss on optics. 

So hopefully will have some of that to show soon. 
I skipped out on last Friday's game night to put more work in, and haven't had any time for any of my painting projects, but maybe I'll be able to squeeze a bit in in the near future. 

And today, three spam comments got through the spam filter. Only 2 have ever made it through before, but today 3 slipped through?  Not sure how or why.  I don't want to switch to captcha, because I hate it.  I hate filling them out to leave a comment, so don't want to do it to anyone else.  I may make it so people can't post anonymously, as I've only seen 1 real, non-spam anon comment.  If you do leave comments using the anonymous, not 'signed in' format, and maybe you create a name when you do, let me know, since I don't want to make it impossible for people to leave a comment, and never know it because they can't leave a comment to let me know they can't leave a comment.  But if no one uses the anon comment function, that might be a solution if spam keeps seeping through.   Because I don't want spammers to succeed.  If canceling anonymous comments would leave people without a way to comment who do, then I'd go with moderation: since I work from home, I can check it fairly often to click 'approve', but I won't use captcha.  

So if turning off anonymous comments is an issue, let me know. 


Paul of the Man Cave said...

I think second is awesome - well done!

M R Lee said...

Good job for placing second ( though to go up against Fiend when he "tries" is hard ). Nice caption also, and no to captcha as well.. hate it beyond belief. Just turn off the anonymous posting ability. My gmail blows up when you get spammed so much ;)

Paul´s Bods said...

Congrats on second place.
The captcha is bloody annoying, that´s why i turned mine off months ago and got hit by 3 spammers in one day so put it back on. Now it´s off and I´ve put the blog on moderation. Good thing about see where else the spammers are posting...the older posts. Before they were just filling in the captcha and hiding comments on posts from over a year ago, I spent over two hours going through my posts and rooting them out (and some of them weren´t just advertising stuf, some included viscious racist c**p) Now I can see all the posts as they come and kill em.
PS..I´ll think of some witty phrase :-D

Anne said...

You should have gotten first Ferret. Your paint job was better than his and your choice of figures more interesting. He used a scenic base, but so what, you were better.

The captions are great, very funny stuff.

I don't allow anon anymore and everything older than 24 hours is moderated. You wouldn't believe the things I get on older posts. A lot of nasty, nasty things and like Paul I get racist comments as well. The world is full of freaks and the internet is their playground.

Anonymous said...

I definitely like the Halfling and Ogre over the Imperial Guard, so maybe people were just voting by a sci-fi preference? Well done on second place anyway! Looking forward to seeing your finished up Genestealer army.

Brummie said...

It was obviously a fix and you should of come first! Great Blurb.

Mike Howell said...

Love the halfling and ogre.

I turned captcha off a while ago and don't get any more spam than I did before. That might be more a function of my low traffic though :-P

I recently posted a DIY comic on my site if anyone wants to play around with it. I have a couple submissions from people and I will be posting a few soon. (link to the blank template at the bottom)

The Angry Lurker said...

Congrats on getting the second at least, the only good spam is in a tin but it's borderline!

Michael Awdry said...

Great result in the competition and love this idea; geat fun.

Scott said...

I too was getting innudated with spam, though thankfully this was just getting picked up by bloggers spam filter, so wasn't going on my posts. Like you I didn't want to enable captcha again so turned off the Anonymous comments... All seem well now, I didnt get that many true annonymous comments anyway...

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all! Much appreciated :)

Well,I think Fiend's entry was a nicer paint job, so I can't feel bad for getting 2nd. But even though I think his is better, I like mine better for the atmosphere and character of the minis, so happy I get to keep mine :) But that's a nice aspect about art: different styles & pieces appeal to different people in different ways.

Re: Spam: More anon spam has made it past the filter, so I think I'll turn off allowing anon comments, just because I don't want spam comments being published. The spammers usually target 2 or 3 posts, usually older ones, so doubtful anyone notices the comments before I do- they're easy to spot, i check for comments by clicking on the 'comment' drop down, and see them all in order from most recent made, so no worries about trying to go through the posts themselves to find comments- but still, don't like it getting through. So far no rude or racists things, the majority are about buying fake perscrip. drugs. and some fake comments like 'thanks, very interesting, check my site out too-' and then some inane blog name like 'discount travel tupperware' or some such. stupid and annoying, but I won't go to moderation if I don't have too.

Laughing Ferret said...

I changed comments to not allowing anon- and now I have some stupid 'shop wiki' picture & link in the upper left corner, no idea why or how to get rid of it- changing back to allowing anon but it is still there.

Blogger is so buggy I can really hate it sometimes. My followers function was broken for months before I found a fix, and now this. argh.

M R Lee said...

There are some things in this world that you just cannot win against.. Upside.. if someone wants to Shop Wiki.. now they can :)

Laughing Ferret said...

Not from me they aren't! ;)
Took some time but I found a way to clear it- had to remove the old background and redo it. but the ad is now gone. phew.

Anonymous said...

You know what i like? I like the good sportsmanship of celebrating the work that came first.

So good to see :)

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