Monday, November 26, 2012

The Turkey Bowl 2012: Godzilla v. King Kong: The Beasts' Feast

2012, The Turkey Bowl inaugural Blood Bowl event: the Beasts' Feast. 

At one end of the pitch: the low-cunning, the primordial punishers, Godzilla's Gators!

At the other end of the pitch, nature's new-comers, the beasts with brains, King Kong's Killers!

One night only in an exposition match for the ages!  Who will emerge triumphant? 
Will the Gators prove why they've been the apex predators since the days of the dinosaurs, or will the fresh young Apes earn their title of King showing that the new epoch belongs to primates?  We'll soon find out as the match is about to begin!

This Thanksgiving, be thankful the beasts are on the pitch and hope they don't come into the stands for you!

- My friend Bill wanted a chance to play some Blood Bowl over Thanksgiving, and wanted to test out a theory, to see if I just have bad dice luck when playing Blood Bowl, or if it's something more serious. 

The experiment would involve both of us using reverse die rolls when rolling skill tests.  So when rolling a d6, for something like a dodge, or to catch the ball, a result of 6 would count as 1, a 5 is a 2, a 1 is a 6, etc.  But we'd treat 2d6 armor & injury rolls, ball bouncing, kick off results, etc as normal.  He wanted to find out if I'd continue to roll low numbers, indicating the dice just wanted to roll low numbers, or if I'd roll high numbers and fail the tests, possibly indicating some bad karma I need to burn off- maybe I was a horrible person in a past life, like Andrew Jackson. 

He wanted to play the Gators, and I thought Apes vrs Reptiles would make for a fun theme, so the Apes once again played under the Human roster.  

For team construction we used the upcoming North America Team Championship guidelines, for Day 1, where you get 1 double roll skill and 2 regular roll skills with 1.1 million team builds.

The Gators -Lizardmen- took a Kroxigor with Break Tackle, 6 Saurus -one with block, and 4 skinks -one with Sure hands and 4 Re-rolls. 

The Apes -Human team- took an Ogre with Block, 4 Blitzers -one with guard, 3 catchers -one with block, a thrower & 3 linemen and 3 Re-rolls, a Cheerleader & an Assistant Coach. 

I won the fans roll so had +1 Fame. I won the kick off and elected to receive. 

I set up to try to take the Kroxigor down with my blocking Silverback, Kong.  My plan for the half was to keep control of the ball and score late, trying to eliminate the vital ball-carrying skinks. 
Shouldn't be a surprise with such rivals and all the publicity, as soon as the ball was kicked a riot broke out! 
This ate up a turn of my precious time.  Kong knocked down Godzilla and broke through his armor! Could I be so lucky?  No.. just a stun.  That could have been a game-winner right there on my first turn.  A chimp catcher broke through the reptile line to distract, threatening an early score if the ball was thrown to him.

Seeing this, 3 skinks went to surround him!

To relieve the pressure, another agile chimp, and the monkey, Inka Martishka ran down to provide additional receiving targets. With so many skinks far from my blitzer gorillas, I gave up on my plan to stall and tried to pass to Inka Martishka on Turn 4, but I failed the throw and it scattered.  Too early to say on the dice-tests but one tally mark in the 'reversed dice bit me' column! 

The ball on the ground drew more players from both sides. With so many tackle zones on the ball it was looking like it might be impossible to pick up. 

While Gators and Apes pair up to duke it out, Godzilla dodges away to blitz, and does it on his own meager agility, break tackle not required! Unfortunately for him he got a both down: re-roll: both down, knocking himself down to the pitch!  But he did put a line chimp in the knock-out box.

After a turn of pushing, a chimp and monkey push two skinks out to the crowd!  The crowd knocks out one and injures the other! Turn 6 though.. time is running out to try to score! 

The heavier hitters ignore the ball completely and focus on settling old scores of their own!

Access to the ball had not improved by much by Turn 7. It looked like the Gators were going to succeed in denying the Apes a Touch Down. 
On Turn 7 the Gorilla hit the skink, which was pushed back onto the ball- knocking the ball into the endzone while the Gorilla stepped into the area the skink had been. Then Inka hit the skink for a 2 die block with the chimp's assist, knocking him away from the ball.  Dr. Z then dodged away from Godzilla, ran up, picked up the ball he'd thrown earlier and scored!  

1-0 for the Apes on Turn 7. 

Skinks do not find 2 turns a burden to score, with their move of 8, so I set up with a deep net: out of range of the Gator Saurus.  The knocked out skink came back and one of the 2 line chimps came back from the knock out box too. 
The apes attacked the skink with the ball, which bounced out, hot-potatoed out of an apes hand and was grabbed by a Gator! I set up a tackle-zone mine field, which the Gator tried to blitz out of, but knocked himself down, and the half ended. 

The Gators are down just 1 skink, with 10 players on the pitch. The Apes are down one line-chimp, but still have 11 on the pitch. We set up, I kick.. and another Riot! These fans just will not remain calm! 

Knowing I do not have the strength to go toe to toe, I set up with two line-chimps and a catcher on the line, with a strong net to catch & counter-attack. The Gators set up to drive strong on one side with Godzilla.

The Sure-hands Skink went to pick up the ball: Fail: Re-roll: Fail! just a 1/9 chance of that: the reversed dice not helping out the Gators this time! I seized the chance and drove for the ball with a Gorilla and Inka Martishka, With King Kong trying to tie up 2 Gators.

Turn 3 the Gators knocked out another Line-Chimp: those chimps were really taking the brunt of the reptile attack. Casualties were very low this game though.  The Gators got the ball and brought it to the center, but I then knocked the ball free.  A skink called a blitz to get to the ball hoping to go further but failed a dodge to get in.  
Trying to take advantage of the situation, an Ape made a 1die block on a Gator and got a skull! Re-roll? Skull! So we both had our share of this type of luck. 

The Gators recover the ball and move it to safety.  Looks promising for a tie!
But King Kong back-swiped the small reptile!  The ball went free!  Inka ran for the sidelines, while a chimp recovered the ball.  A Gorilla stunned a mid-field skink, and there was none who could reach Inka.  The following turn the chimp threw the ball: dodge, dodge, throw: accurate long pass: Inka Martishka catches it and runs in for a touch down!

The game ends 2-0 for the Apes! 

Post-game there was a riot that lasted into the night, fur and scales flying.  

Coach of the Apes, Grey Mattur said "This just goes to show that no matter how long some scaly reptile has been dominant, times change!  They may be stronger, but you can't underestimate the value of an opposable thumb!" 
Coach of the Gators said "This means nothing! We've been around since these chumps were tree shrews, and we'll be here long after they're gone, ruling it all." 

I had a great extended weekend vacation for Thanksgiving: I really needed a vacation!  This was just one highlight of a great weekend.  

Results of our reverse die rolling experiment?  I kept track of every failure by reverse and success by reverse. I had 6 rolls where the reverse caused a success and 7 rolls where the reverse induced a failure.

Conclusion: More date needed.  But early results suggest it's just blind luck, perhaps some games just going south because they want to, but maybe this shows I was not a terrible person now karmic cursed with bad Blood Bowl dice.  Phew. 



Jonas M said...

Great looking teams! And it looks like you had a fun game too.

Spacejacker said...

Best thanksgiving Day Post evar!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Awesome - fantastic to see your Apes and my Lad's Norse both won 2 nil on the same weekend!

Gareth the Grot said...

A most entertaining concept and match report!

Brummie said...

Nice game report and lovely looking teams as well.

Michael Awdry said...

Just brilliant! Always lovely to see your miniatures on the table and an emphatic win to boot!

M R Lee said...

Seeing 2 of your teams going at it is just wonderful! And I like how you have the ability to play against people who are up for "tests" like this. Great job, great photos and congrats on the win!

styx said...

Monkey wins! Great game, love the figures, keep looking at the Apes for Blood Bowl!

styx said...

BTW where did you get the Apes from?

The Angry Lurker said...

Karma's a bitch!

Anne said...

Great post Ferret. The last of your offspring are up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast LF. Love the game report. Maybe you should paint up some sports casters to recap your games?

Jay said...

Beautifully rendered figures and an enjoyable read of the gridiron battle. OORAH...Apes!!!

Anonymous said...

I used to regularly run the roleplaying game Conspiracy X, which for it's psychic system used the cute gimmick of the Xener cards used for Rhine test psychic experiments, you know the cards with symbols of wavy lines a star etc?

We regulalrly played late, really late. And i noticed something odd, at about the same time each night after 1am one player with a psychic charcter became 100% successful on every test despite my fancy GM screen. His dice rolls became similarly good but not as extremely so. I checked for reflective surfaces he could be reading off.. nope nada.

Then in the psychic supplement i noticed it mentioned American military/intelligence pychic research on the use of high dosages of caffeine enhancing abilities particularly telepathy.. and Nick was always drinking lots and lots of coffee and cola at a rate that always increased through the night... or it was just coincidence of course. Though this was a pretty long regular campaign so a pretty impressive run of constant regular as clockwork luck.

I've noticed often dice rolls appear to favour the confidant, or maybe thats just confirmation bias :)

I do know one friend whose opaque dice is suspect have a hidden air-bubble. I'm sure he doesn't cheat but those dice rolled as 2d6 get a result of 8 far more than any other dice i've ever seen, which played havoc with games of Battletech as i was always marking off the same section on the mech sheets to swft destruction every time! In that case it was only with those dice so unless they were paranormal spooky dice of Fortean high-strangeness i'm expecting internal air-bubble.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :) Hope you had good Thanksgivings, or where there isn't that holiday, a good weekend anyway.

Spacejacker: Thanks :) This was one of my best Thanksgivings- the other was one I spent with this friend too- must be 20 yrs ago, watched MST3K marathon all day, had pizza and played a massive game of warhammer on the floor!

Thanks Michael: it could easily have gone the other way- getting the ball free enough to score the first time was anything but likely and the 2nd half, the skink with the ball failing a 1/9 dodge chance could have easily succeeded and become a TD, so that 2-0 score was pretty precarious

Styx: I got the apes from backing the kickstarter, they're available from Impact Miniatures.

Angry: sure seems so!

Squirrel: that's a great idea :)

It was hard to know who to root for Jay, they're probably my two favorite teams I've painted for myself ;)

Batty: very interesting, makes you wonder. -I was writing a long reply on this, but a thought occurred to me- and it's too long, and has an odd gaming potential, so I'll hold it and make it a blog post of its own.

Alfrik said...

Round of applause for the super paint job of the super banana!! Its Awesomely authentic looking! ;)

now...back to my cave...........

Right Stuff Reilly said...

Well Dom

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