Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alien Invasion Called on Account of Rain & Fastest Speed Painting

Well hell.
Three Fridays in a row I've missed gaming.  Two from working overtime but this last Friday I was determined to get to gaming.  Time is closing for Empire of the Dead and I wanted to get some more games in, especially since I'd painted up a mini for the Pangalactic Confederation of Planets.

So I packed everything and headed out. Checked google traffic as I always do, to see which of the two possible ways I take was the clearest, and it looked pretty good.  But it was raining.  And maybe people were leaving town early for Thanksgiving week?  I don't know.  But google traffic lied.  In a big way.  Instead of a clear freeway I had a parking lot.  The rain coming down and it took 10 minutes to travel the one mile distance up the freeway to the next exit. Seeing nothing but the same as far up as I could see, and knowing it takes 30-40 minutes to get there on an average day I called it quits, got off at that exit and went home.  Looks like it's the end for this season of Empire of the Dead.  Holidays next, then gearing up for VSF campaign on the Moon.

I know, crazy to complain about the weather: spoiled Californian.  I know many have much worse weather to deal with.  I tease my girlfriend that she lives in the Ice Age half the year as it's already snowing and below zero.  But driving 5 miles an hour in the rain for a couple hours.. no. That is why the PCP have spaceships.

Here is the mini I painted for the PCP.  It was very much a speed painting job.  I had converted this months ago for the faction, but deciding I wanted a chance to field it at least once, I primed & painted it the afternoon before I left.  After priming, it took less than 20 minutes to paint.

The Vojik: armed scout vessel. 

I went for a metal finish, for a retro sci-fi look. 

I forget the manufacturer of this mini. I saw it on sale and thought it was just right for the PCP crew. 
It had big bulk boxy weapons, so I ditched those and converted some eldar bright lances for its weapons. 

In Empire of the Dead, one of the pieces of gear a character can get is a steam powered gyrocopter.  
It allows the person to fly, and still perform an action even though he moves.  I thought this would be a perfect sci-fi version of this.  Give the character a repeating rifle (2 shots) and have this fly around and shoot twice- like it's weapons would suggest.  A model with flight can perch on top of terrain- like trees and roofs, so would be ideal for keeping a rifleman out of charge threat of werewolves and vampires.  

I kept the base black, since I can now also use it for War Rocket! 

Someday it will get some use on the tabletop.  

Depending on the rain...



Scott said...

Very cool. Can you do a pic alongside a mini just to give us an idea of size?

Must admit I am looking forward to some expansion rules to EotD to cover horses, vehicles and other coneyances...

Jay said...

Great painting interpretation of the scout ship. It's a cool sculpt IMO. The toilet-plunger-rocket-engine-exhaust is cute.

Anne said...

Seriously cool looking Ferret and you speed painted that. For me speedpainting is I get it done in a week.

Captain Vok is my favorite of that group of mini's you did. There's just something about him that puts him over the top.

Christopher Sheets said...

I think that was the Gorgon Hydrissian ship for Star Mogul, made at one time by Alpha Forge, now owned by J.D. Lauck at MegaMinis. The game is also now called Salvage Crew: Star Mogul, I believe, but you can download the rules for free at J.D.'s site.

Anonymous said...

Very nice LF. Sorry the rain kept you out of an EoTD game. Sure we'd have enjoyed the AAR too.

The Angry Lurker said...

20 minutes is very quick and still a quality job mate, traffic and rain...a horrible mixture!

M R Lee said...

Great job for such a quick paint job mate! Fantastic work as always.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

I really like that - I guess a character could always ride it surfboard style like the Green Goblin too!

Brummie said...

Traffic's not fun regardless of the weather. Great looking ship hope its get sued at some point.

Anonymous said...

Lovely piece, lovely paintjob and thanks for the reminder of an old song i'd forgotten :)

It could be very cool for war rocket, though you'll need to use it on a hex mat or put some chalk marks at the appropriate points or something of that nature for measuring turns and fire arcs.. hmm with those lines i could see it possibly working with Zenithian or Valkeeri ships. Very cool!

Michael Awdry said...

That really is delightful, lovely clean lines and superb shading.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks everyone :)

Scott: I did another update to have a picture with one of the crew.

Christopher: thanks for the info! I'll look into that

Thanks Squirrel, I'm a bit bummed about it, I really enjoy writing the reports for this faction :)

Paul: I wouldn't trust any of this crew to attempt anything requiring so much skill ;)

Batty: Yes, I was thinking maybe a Valkyrie pirate who upgraded her ship with Zenithian tech :)

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