Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Genestealer Cult Motorpool: Every Evil Army Should Offer Company Cars

The Genstealer Cult Army is finished, packed up and ready to be shipped to the other side of the world.
The vehicle options are pretty extensive: 2 walkers, 13 tracked vehicles and 3 aircraft.

The latest additions to the tracked vehicles:

click for larger:
Hydra Flak Tanks.

As you can probably tell, these are anti-aircraft tanks.  Now that 40k has lots of flyers, people need something to shoot them down with. The Hydra is a forgeworld upgrade kit.  I had a terrible time with it. 
They were very badly curved when I got them. Forgeworld does some beautiful sculpting, but their quality control isn't always the best.  Still..better than Finecast <<quickly ducks the Finecast rage>>

The weapon deck is not glued in place, so it and the AAguns can swivel around. 

Lots of infestation. The colors of the army are very dark, so it was nice to have the infesting alien growth to break it up, without having to create an illogical excuse to bring in a bright color. 

Manticore Missile Batteries

What a nice kit from GW. The missile platform is not glued in place, so it can be raised and lowered. 
I saw a bunch of the real-world version of these vehicles in Minsk during the end of WWII celebration parade (the anniversary of the end of WWII, not the actual end of WWII, I'm not that old ;) 
Pretty formidable looking vehicles.  Seeing a thick twelve foot long missile really makes you glad they aren't being launched! 

Command Psyker Chimeras

These are the transport vehicles for the Psyker command infantry.  They've got more gadgets than the other chimeras: search lights, comm array and an upgraded front sensor panel. I also gave them more tentacles.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to take a big single army picture before I had to pack it for shipping. 
It wouldn't have worked too well anyway, since the flyers won't have their bases assembled- the client can glue them together himself, to reduce risk of breaking in transit. 

There's no limo. I know that will disappoint a lot of the Rogue Trader to 2nd edition fans. But I think a limo might be better suited to skirmish level games anyway.  All these purple and red vehicles reminded me of one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid...

I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Dastardly & Muttley were Pro-Genestealer Cult!  

More to come: the flyers!



Spacejacker said...

Fantastic! Great conversions and paint.
It does make me wince to see vehicles developed for 6mm scale being used in 28mm scale... On the same sized table. Bewildering.

M R Lee said...

Nice work LF.. can't wait to see how the flyers came out!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks guys :)

Spacejacker: I see 40k being played often at the gamestore, and while I like the look of the vehicles a lot, compared to 2nd edition times, the vehicles are much bigger and armies have a lot more of them. a 4x6 table is just packed, and seeing a half dozen large flyers on the table gets very crowded. I think 40k needs to be played on a 6x10 table at least. Flyers look like they hover like zeppelins. they should be screaming across the table in a couple seconds... in early 3rd edition they had some customization rules for vehicles, which allowed for flyers and that's just what they did.

and the big tanks should be targeting the cars in the store parking lot ;) once at a Con I played in a huge 40k game with a table the length of the hotel event room. I was playing Orks and was at one far corner of the table, and I called a shot on a tank with my looted basalisk to the opposit far corner, guessing a range of something like 9 feet, six & a half inches- and wouldn't you know it? direct over the target tank and rolled a hit on the scatter. glorious. now looking at people playing on 4x6 is like elephant ballet in the wading pool.

Thanks MrLee! Flyers will be next :)

Mr Saturday said...

Lovely stuff! Your client must be delighted.

Brummie said...

Superb mate absolutely stunning collection you've done for that customer.

styx said...

I have to agree, stunning work, this is an army I would love to play against...this is what the game is about great looking models.

Michael Awdry said...

These are just superb, I love all the wonderfully weird additions, but my favourite has to be what looks like the addition of a large pink hand coming out of the front of one of the Command Psyker Chimeras!

Anonymous said...

Looking good as always LF. I'm sure the new owner will be thrilled.

Scott said...

They look suitably beastly Ferret, well done!

Laughing Ferret said...

I wish I could see the army all complete being played on a table :)

Thanks for the feedback everyone, much appreciated!

Styx: I agree- I haven't played 40k in many years, but I still get tempted to make an army for myself when I think of conversions or how the minis would look. Addicting stuff!

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