Thursday, June 6, 2013

Even a Troll Needs to Armor Up: Blood Bowl Conversions

Quick update.

For a recent client's team, a goblin team with all the trimmings: a dozen goblins, 8 goblins with pogo sticks or secret weapons and 3 trolls.  -I really have to make a full optioned goblin team for myself someday too.

The Trolls were one Blood Bowl troll and two fantasy army Trolls from Gamezone.
The Gamezone Trolls needed weapon snips, and after that, they looked pretty bare compared to the Star Player Troll. So rather than leave them like that, I decided I'd give them each a helmet, shoulder pad & knee pad in the style of the Star Player Troll.  Still leaves them less decked out than their Star cousin, but that would help denote how special he is, while still giving these other two Trolls a touch of 'Blood Bowl'.

The results:
So the troll at right & left have had their helmets, shoulder pads & knee pad sculpted by me, to blend in with the style of the middle troll.

Even Trolls sometimes are smart enough to realize they're better off with some armor.
It gets rough out there on the pitch!

They're for a 'swamp goblin' themed team-hence the wet mud bases- which I'll show more of soon. 


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great to see you back in the saddle my friend- these look great. I'm now admiring your work from the Middle East - ironically I'm probably a bit closer now than I was at home!

Tim Kulinski said...

Man, I have to stop looking at your blog! I have paint work to do and you keep distracting me (although I don't really mind).

Great work yet again, keep them coming!

Neilpferd said...

They look great (as ever). On Paul's comment about being closer; I'm still miffed we shared a gaming room for two days (Dungeon Bowl) and I didn't know it so I couldn't seek you out and say hello (and admire your team) face to face!

Simon Q said...

Nicely converted Mr.Ferret They match really well to the Star Trolls fashion sense indeed. Nice job

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks everyone :)

Paul: Just sounds wrong, but on checking, yes, you're many hours closer there than when you're at home. Even with me being at the edge of North America, the Pacific Ocean is deceptively large.

Thanks Tim, I do like to distract

that's my fault Neil. I was in a funk & rushed before the trip, so I neglected the blog, when I should have been announcing my voyage to Dungeonbowl. Would have been cool to meet you. Eventually I'll post some reports from the event. And next time I head out somewhere, I'll be sure to announce regardless.

Thanks Simon, no one ever accused trolls of having fashion sense before ;)

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